GeGeGe No Kitaro Episode 18: Cat-Chick Is Always Fun


Despite a pretty ordinary story, I had enough fun watching Cat-Chick this week. Though, that said, this is yet another pretty basic episode following on from quite a few pretty uninteresting stories. I really think next week is going to have to pull off something pretty good to keep this on my watch list any longer.


This show has really become fairly flat since the end of the last anime season when we had quite an epic fight. But even before that, the individual episodes all had something about them. There was a clear message, a bit of energy or polish, and occasionally a sense of childish danger. Now we just have yokai of the week shows up and characters meandering about until the problem is solved.


To make it clear, this episode spent more time with Cat-Chick worrying about her outfit and Kitaro finding out than it did on dealing with the yokai. And really nothing happened. No danger, no perils, nothing for Kitaro to do. His turning up merely propelled Cat-Chick into enough of a rage that she chased the other yokai around until we realised he wasn’t all bad after all. And that’s all she wrote for this episode.

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