GeGeGe No Kitaro Episode 17: Yokai and Riddles


Still on vacation, Kitaro and the gang stumble upon a problem when the people in town are being turned into bronze. What follows is a pretty ordinary kind of story but it works for the most part.


I will admit this episode struggled to hold my attention. Even with Kitaro being taken out of the action early on, the villain this time around never even felt vaguely threatening or like someone I was supposed to care about. Mana’s uncle getting turned to bronze equally had little impact because with so many people turned it was obvious they were going to reverse it and the situation wasn’t going to be permanent. With little reason to worry about the outcome the actions themselves needed to carry the show and they just couldn’t.


Even a visit to a mountain tengu clan didn’t shake things up enough to really get me engaged and by the time the villain was vanquished (or self-destructed) it was all a matter of wondering if that meant the episode was over. I hate to say it but this one might have started to suffer from the repetitive nature that plagues a lot of episodic shows. There just isn’t enough carrying over from week to week to make it feel like there’s a purpose here.

That said, I’ll give it a few more episodes given we’ve had weaker stories before and then this has bounced back.

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