GeGeGe No Kitaro Episode 12: Grand Scale Fight


I wonder if the fact that everyone now knows about yokai will remain a thing or if people will go back to their ordinary lives after this episode?


After setting up a fairly large scale fight between the Tanuki and everyone at the end of the previous episode, episode 12 of GeGeGe no Kitaro delivers a conclusion worthy of a to be continued. The first half of the episode is suitably bleak in painting a picture of life for humans under Tanuki rule and then the troops begin rallying in order to mount a rescue for Kitaro and finding a way to beat the Tanuki back.

I kind of loved the arrangement of the OP being used during this scene. It was perfect. Recognisable as the OP but suited perfectly to the scene playing out.

It is Mana who steps up big time in this episode and it costs her a lot already having to endure being cursed during the episode, but there are some definite ongoing ramifications for having drawn some unwanted yokai attention through her actions this episode. It will be interesting to see how that develops in future episodes. Meanwhile, it continues to cement her as a pretty solid character in this series.

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9 thoughts on “GeGeGe No Kitaro Episode 12: Grand Scale Fight

    1. I really enjoyed the last two episodes and I’m kind of curious as to what they will do next. It is possible we’ll just reset and people will forget that Tanuki took over. But it would be better if they didn’t and if the story actually just deals with the fallout of these events.

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