Gamers Episodes 2 + 3: Not Game Over For Amano


Review Episode 2:

This story might be a little heavy handed in delivering its message and asserting the independence of its characters but it is really great to watch unfold. In between the nostalgic blips and bloops of classic gaming music and characters genuinely enjoying their hobby, we see the fall out of Amano’s rejection for joining the gaming club. His classmates (in fact the whole school) are gossiping and he’s more or less oblivious. Enter Uehara (guy with the pink haired girlfriend) to give us the grass is not greener on the other side story.


Basically, Uehara was a gamer but decided he wanted to not be that person in high school and so transformed himself. But which is the better option? Amano is essentially ostracised in the classroom (originally by his own shy personality and now by gossip and rumours) and Uehara is forcing himself to act in a way that doesn’t suit in order to ensure acceptance. The fact that events this episode seem to lead to a friendship forming between the pair just makes it more interesting to see where they are all going.


What really surprised was that Amano has yet to actually join the game club. I kind of thought after rejecting it last episode, he’d reflect and after a few minor mishaps this episode he’d cave and rock up to the club room. I’m impressed the series didn’t go there in episode 2. By the way, the theme song (actually all the music) for this show, rocks.

Review Episode 3:

It’s just like watching a train wreck as Amano is forced into and attempts to interact with others. The love triangle (square/pentagon/whatever) quickly forms even though basically everyone is just making assumptions about everyone else. Given they still aren’t in the game club, I wonder if ultimately they are going to make their own group, or just keep gaming alone-together but it hardly even matters at this point because this story really did take on a life of its own separate from the usual girl tries to get guy into club.


There were a few moments this episode where felt the obvious comedy elements were intruding on what is otherwise a really fun and enjoyable story, but mostly the jokes are hitting the mark for me and that’s probably to do with the subject matter and the fact that I appreciate these characters even as they simply take on assigned roles.


I’m really loving watching this and while I’m not declaring it a must watch, I think for people who grew up as gamers, this is going to be a fun ride.

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8 thoughts on “Gamers Episodes 2 + 3: Not Game Over For Amano

  1. I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one who’s lukewarm on this series, like it’s not bad, rather just okay with a real mix bag of comedy. I’m happy to hear that you’re having a good time with this one though 🙂

    1. I’m going to admit that I’m only lukewarm on most shows this season. If this had come out last season I wouldn’t be enjoying it half so much because there were a lot of shows I would have liked a lot more. Mostly I think the surprise factor is working for this one given its a high school comedy and I don’t hate it.

    1. Glad to hear. I am wondering where this show will go with these characters, but I’m kind of thinking watching them get there will be more impressive than whatever end comes around.

    1. The show isn’t going to work for everyone and it isn’t amazing. I’m enjoying it for the most part and most of the comedy is working for me but I get that for others it is just going to fall a bit flat.

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