Gamers Episode 7: That’s What I Like About You



This episode saw the ongoing misunderstandings continue to fester but rather than wallowing on that note for the whole episode we get to go on a date with Karen and Amano which is both adorable and hilarious. It culminates with them admitting to the other what they admire about each other and to be honest this episode did a lot to clear up my own thoughts about this show.


While this isn’t the show I though it was going to be after the first episode and given it has continually veered off of any projected plot I’ve considered, there’s something utterly charming about Amano (even though he’s beyond socially awkward and just a little bit pessimistic). Seeing him on the date this episode really just reinforced how much I like seeing this character continue to push outside of his comfort zone even as there are some points he refuses to compromise on.


While it is inevitable that we’ll have to have all of the character misconceptions either cleared up or blow up at some point, right now this episode was just light hearted entertainment as we watch Tendou over think playing in a pool (though her version of the couple splashing each other with water seemed infinitely more fun than what the other couple were doing) and Amano just second guess everything.

I’m going to just admit I really am loving watching this. It would certainly be easy to pick fault with it as a show, but it leaves me smiling each and every week and I’m still absolutely digging the game themed music that permeates the episodes.

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3 thoughts on “Gamers Episode 7: That’s What I Like About You

  1. Combined with the long drawn out “surprise good end” from last episode, it feels like the misunderstandings and relationship misfires in this episode are reaching Orange levels of frustrating.

    I like this show just fine but Tendou’s cluelessness doesn’t match with how smart she supposedly is. I wonder what it’s going to take for her to believe Amano likes her.

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