Gamers Episode 6: Wipeout



Directly picking up from last week, we have the ongoing misunderstandings amongst our main five characters with each one interpreting events to suit their current mind-set. Actually, the character who is most sane this week is our shut-in protagonist who has finally decided he wants to be friends with Tendou and takes action to make that happen. It wasn’t really his fault that everyone else blew the situation out of context and that ending went a little crazy.


Basically, this story is relying on the audience being amused at being more informed than any of the characters. It is a pretty standard move and I hate to say that it is working, but I kind of just want to see how far some of these characters will take their misunderstandings. They’ve already taken it further than I though they’d go.


Regardless, this show is definitely proving a situation where the three episode rule would not help. Episodes one and two are vastly different from what has followed and this show is getting sillier by the episode. I don’t know where they intend to end this saga of teen drama and romance, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be anywhere near where the first episode indicated this show was going.

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2 thoughts on “Gamers Episode 6: Wipeout

  1. I envy the characters in the show; they have all the video games they can get at their disposal. Unless their parents are filthy rich or they have a part time job off screen then I guess that would answer my question. I’m already dying watching this show so might as well die while watching the last episode.

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