Gamers Episode 4: Do You Need a Reason?


Review Episode 4:

This episode focuses on Tendou as we see her perception of her daily life before and after meeting Amano. It’s interesting in that while she was playing at being the perfect everything before, afterward she is a more real person and yet she sees this as her not being herself. Admittedly, all of this is embedded in the usual high school unrequited love trope and to be honest I’m not that interested in the subject matter, however as we’ve had three episodes to kind of get used to these characters I’m a little more invested than I might otherwise be.


It boils down to Tendou needing to figure out what she actually wants and why. She seriously thought she knew why she enjoyed gaming but Amano’s views shake her up and challenge her position. At first she sees his views as opposed to hers but she starts to realise the issue isn’t black and white, though that just adds to her confusion, shakes her focus, and ultimately she just isn’t playing like she used to.


Despite the weak high school girl has crush on oblivious boy storyline running through this episode, it touches on quite a few interesting points and Tendou as a character is more than just a catalyst now. All and all, this show remains surprisingly decent and entertaining to watch.

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2 thoughts on “Gamers Episode 4: Do You Need a Reason?

  1. The show has been a pleasant surprise for me. While I agree that the plot really doesn’t have much substance, the comedy and the characters have been great so far. Sure I see myself in most of these characters to an extent and in a way I’m laughing at myself and that’s fine. This episode is a nice testament on how many of us have to put up a front and how easy that can break.

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