Gamers Episode 12: Interesting Choices



One thing Gamers has been consistent about is going in a different direction to what I have expected to the point where I stopped trying to make predictions for this show many episodes ago. This final episode is no exception.

The introduction sequence where we are reunited with the other guy Tendou recruited into the gaming club, who we pretty much haven’t seen since the first couple of episodes, narrates his own back story. Why this is suddenly needed, I’m not sure, but as usual with this show it managed to be just silly enough to make me smile. We then get our usual opening before we get back to our usual group of 5 casual gamers going to a hot spring for a gaming meet because… reasons?


However, here is where you could pretty much turn the visuals off and just listen to the dialogue, or read the subs, as the visuals more or less add nothing for the remainder of the episode. The dialogue however is like listening to a heated debate on the radio and is at times quite entertaining as Aguri challenges the gaming fanatics on the cost of their games and on having to buy DLC.


There’s one scene where the three girls end up in the hot spring, because anime, and while they are having a fairly serious conversation about what sort of DLC they prefer in games the visuals just show various suggestive shots of the girls in the water. Really adding absolutely nothing to anything and quite boring given other the occasional slow pan these shots may as well be still images and do not relate to the conversation you are trying to follow. I’m not anti-fan service but I had to wonder why this was included.


So this final episode added nothing to the resolution of the various characters relationship issues although it did confirm that the two couples were still couples and hadn’t disintegrated from all the misunderstandings earlier in the series. And other than the intro where we got some back ground on one member of the gaming club, the gaming club made no appearance. Essentially, this was a group of gamers discussing gaming and defending their positions. That’s all it was. For me it worked and I left this series with a smile, but really if someone were to say this episode was pointless I wouldn’t have much leg to stand on to argue against that view point.

Full series review coming soon.

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7 thoughts on “Gamers Episode 12: Interesting Choices

  1. “…5 casual gamers going to a hot spring for a gaming meet ”

    Does it say more about me or anime that I read this sentence and just accepted it without so much as a blink? I mean, its hotsprings, ofc it’ll show up for one reason or another.

    Anyway, nice to hear this series was good in its own way till the end.

    1. Yeah, I think somewhere along the lines my sense of what is normal broke a bit because even while watching this I didn’t question that of course we’d end up at the hot springs. It makes no sense other than it is an anime, they are going to go to the hot springs, but somehow that was kind of enough.

    1. Not really. It is kind of funny and makes a few good points so it is probably worth trying an episode or two to see if the humour hits the mark for you. I found it funnier than most comedy anime, but my sense of humour is a little off sometimes.

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