Gakuen Heaven Series Review

I previously wrote up my first impressions of this series and now I’m doing my final review. I will point out I got to the start of episode 6 before pulling the plug on this series.


So, clearly I didn’t finish watching this show. I mean, it’s pleasant enough if you just like watching awkwardly animated pretty boys going about doing very little with the occasional petty intrigue thrown in to maybe provide something resembling a plot.  Also, you’ll enjoy the show is overly suggestive dialogue being read over static images in the opening scenes before a twist reveal show that the characters are in fact just eating or trying to stop a leak in the ceiling or similar.

I didn’t expect much going in to this show but even my minimal expectations just weren’t being met. To be honest, I found this show boring. From the bait and switch opening dialogue, to Keita being set up with a fairly normal activity, various encounters with some of the pretty boy cast and something leading to Keita feeling doubts or worries, before a surprise reveal and everyone is all smiles.

It doesn’t help the Keita has absolutely zero personality. Watch Keita look shocked. Watch him look sad. Watch him smile. Yep, he is just channeling whatever emotion the writers would like the audience to feel and that’s about it.


The other characters in the show suffer from minimal screen time due the sheer number and type of pretty boys wandering around this campus. While some of them seem slightly interesting, they disappear from the story before anything can really be learned and by the time they return you have to mentally go back through all the characters you’ve met to try to place them. And all in all, none of the characters are interesting enough to continue to put up with that.

So the plot is going nowhere fast and the characters aren’t interesting or fleshed out enough to really call anything that is occurring character development. The animation is passable but not particularly great and the music is ho-hum. There just isn’t any reason to continue with this.


And who allows someone they’ve just met to lick their elbow? Sorry, that bothered me ever since watching episode 2. While you kind of expect some weird interactions in these sorts of shows, that one really makes you wonder just what either character was thinking.

Gakuen Heaven is available on Crunchyroll.

5 thoughts on “Gakuen Heaven Series Review

  1. I agree that this is a sweet BL, and probably not for anyone with expectations because it’s really just lighthearted and nice. I honestly get not being as into it, there’s a lot of great BL series nowadays, so definitely watch one of them if you’re interested and haven’t seen them yet!
    Great ones: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Hybrid Child and Love Stage ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    If you want a darker one, Loveless is still a good one “ψ(`∇´)ψ
    Now I feel like rewatching these old series that I haven’t seen in a decade now xD;;

  2. woah, so harsh! Gakuen Heaven was one of my first BL anime from back in my glory days and I loved it since I first saw it. It’s one of the few BLs that isn’t littered with rape and all that other stuff. It’s just a cheesy, cute little anime. I can understand it not being for everyone though. Personally though, I’m enjoying my rewatch of it!

    1. I’ll admit, that was probably harsh for a fairly harmless anime. I think I just wanted so much more from it and then I was disappointed that it was kind of going nowhere. I’m glad you are enjoying rewatching it.

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