Gabriel DropOut Episode 1



An angel comes to earth and promptly becomes addicted to video games. She completely loses sight of her goal to make humans happy.


There’s not a lot to say about this really, other than noting that this whole season of anime is once again taking strange liberties with capitalisation (though at least the overflow of exclamation marks has died down). There are some funny moments but we kind of get stuck in the loop of scene set up, tedious interactions, punch line, next scene. The dynamics between the angels and demons have so far been entertaining enough but not exactly eye opening and the story seems pretty content just to watch a lazy angel go about not doing very much. While not terrible this first episode hasn’t really made me sit up and pay attention either so I’m on the fence about whether I’ll try a second episode or not.


I did like the demon girl’s way of dealing with a cockroach. It seemed like an appropriate reaction.

Gabriel DropOut is available on Crunchyroll.

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13 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut Episode 1

  1. I’ve recently watched the first episode too! I may continue watching it with friends, as the comedy is a little too hit and miss for me to watch it all on my own. Some of the jokes really land, (I also loved the cockroach bit. 10/10 best way to get rid of a nasty bug) but some really fail so hard that it’s almost painful to watch. At least with friends we can crack jokes about the fan service and failed jokes in the show.

    1. Definitely would be more fun as a social watch. Then again, nearly anything can be fun to watch with friends as long as they appreciate a running critique.

  2. Hmm, when I first read the synopsis for this, I thought this could actually be pretty funny. But then reading through the post, I pretty much know that I don’t have to watch this one. Like you, I am not a big fan of comedy either, so in no big rush to see this one.

  3. I’m a little worried that the whole gimmick of the angels and demons not acting in their respective roles will wear out in a few episodes

    1. pretty much. the whole bit about angels and demons is basically not even relevant again as much more than simple personality traits until they each go home for the break.

    2. I think that’s why I’ve ultimately decided not to continue with it. This first episode wasn’t great but wasn’t bad for a comedy, however the gimmick probably will wear thin quickly and my tolerance for comedy is pretty low in the first place.

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