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Yuu has just moved to Tokyo when he has a chance encounter with Fuuka Akitsuki (who just happens to be in the class he transfers into). She loves music but doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life.


I’m just reviewing episodes 1 and 2 together here but so far this has seemed like a fairly generic high school set-up and we’re still kind of meeting the characters and learning about them. Though it is very generic in the events that have so far occurred it is enjoyable. At times the animation is a bit off (when the characters are walking and we’re just seeing their heads and shoulders it just looks kind of strange) but mostly it is pretty enough.

Yuu works as a protagonist. He hasn’t got a lot of personality but he has enough and I loved this sequence after he butted into an argument that he should have left alone.


I think we should mail that information out to most anime protagonists. What makes it particularly funny is that he pretty much ignores his own advice almost immediately.

Fuuka is okay as a character. She’s certainly vibrant and energetic but I get the feeling she might end up annoying me if she doesn’t settle a bit. I particularly disliked that she didn’t even pay to repair his phone after she broke it. Finding the loaner phone really isn’t enough given you first crashed into him, then falsely accused him of photographing you, then broke his phone and slapped him. Anyway, after the initial violent moments she gets a bit more tolerable as a character and hopefully she will settle.


Otherwise, there’s some good music going on here and that’s about it. The story is pretty standard. We’ve had at least a half dozen panty shots, a bathroom sequence, and three sisters who seem to take any excuse to not be dressed, and none of these other than the initial panty shot which was the catalyst for Fuuka and Yuu meeting has seemed necessary.

So far, entertaining enough but not amazing. Will keep watching for now.

Fuuka is available on Crunchyroll.

13 thoughts on “Fuuka Episodes 1 + 2

  1. What’s the first thing I’ve said about this series? Panty shots. Literally not 2 minutes in – we got panty shots. I’m so proud of myself. Also the love triangle. I was expecting that. AND THE PARENTS OH MY GOD THE PARENTS AGAIN YASSS
    Yes. Generic show. Fairly entertaining. I hate Fuuka.

  2. Strangely enough this is the first time that I have broken with my own tradition and have actually watched a new series, right from the start (I usually start on a series when it is finished). I saw a musical clip for it on Heyitszel’s blog, and for some reason it just had my attention. So far I am enjoying it a lot, just as you say, it doesn’t tread any new ground, but I did find it entertaing enough. Waiting to see how this show is going to develop 😀

    1. Nice to see something positive about it. There’s been a lot of negativity and honestly with that meeting sequence between the two it isn’t as though I can’t see where the negativity is coming from, but it was definitely enjoyable enough by the end of epiosde 2.

      1. Agreed, I can see that as well, but for some strange reason you continue to watch it anyway, and by the end of episode 2 I am pretty much hooked on it 😀

  3. Yeah, I admit Fuuka as a character did soften up a bit and they were lucky that they released two episodes because if it was the one, I would’ve been just fully annoyed instead of half.

  4. I originally had this as an alternate to review because there seemed to be something charming about it. A few poor reviews turned me away though, so it’s interesting that you think there’s parts of it that hold promise.

    I’ll probably not review this week to week, but I may end up watching and look forward to what you think of subsequent episodes.

    1. If I’m honest, a lot of my enjoyment from this probably came because of what I watched before and after it. I’m kind of waiting for the next episode to decide.

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