Fuuka Episode 5



I’m officially dropping Fuuka at episode 5. To be fair to this episode, it isn’t any worse than anything we’ve watched before but I’m tired of this show and these characters and the contrived situations they find themselves in and the inanity that stretches between the contrivances. There are plenty of other reasons to drop this show and I’m thinking I might write these into a feature but for now, Fuuka and I are going our separate ways.

By the way – learn instrument first, then attempt to play song. Don’t attempt to play, then try to learn.

Fuuka is available on Crunchyroll.

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8 thoughts on “Fuuka Episode 5

  1. “There are plenty of other reasons to drop this show and Iā€™m thinking I might write these into a feature”

    Yes please

    And on a side note I’m going to be catching up on KJ blogs so I apologize in advance for the notifications šŸ™‚

  2. I’m sure this will follow the route of ” The Town Where You Live “…… More than 200 episodes of contrived scenes…… with the male lead enjoying so many fanservice scenes, and in the end, will end up with Fuuka.

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