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It’s hard to really care about Fuuka and Yuu’s romantic plight in this story (and we kind of need to given how little else is happening) when they manage to drag out the not speaking to each other/fighting for most of the episode because Yuu happens to have been seen with his childhood friend (admittedly, the childhood friend went out of her way to create a misunderstanding). What’s even sillier is both that either of the characters could resolve the situation but choose to take offence and be prickly about what is essentially a non-issue.


Given they are the ones continuing the conflict the fact that both characters ask ‘why’ just irritated me. Why did it turn out like this? Because you chose to make an assumption and get annoyed and then you chose not to talk to them about it, and then you chose to not accept an apology, before choosing to continue to ignore them. That’s why it turned out like that.

On a brighter note, we kind of have a band by the end of this episode. Too bad only one member is actually willing.

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4 thoughts on “Fuuka Episode 4

  1. It’s annoying to watch from an outsider’s perspective, but I think this sort of thing happens all the time. Some people tend to shut others out after perceived slights, and wait for the other to address it before approaching the problem themselves. I’ve done it many times, actually. It’s half moral superiority complex and half fear.

    That said, it seems like the series is reaching to keep the story compelling through some drama. I haven’t managed to catch a single episode of this (after everyone’s reports of the ecchi fest that ep 1 was) but I don’t know that I’m missing much.

    1. Nope. Fuuka hasn’t managed to introduced anything yet that seems like you’d miss out by not watching the show. While some parts have been enjoyable enough, it is a strictly by the numbers story and so watch or not, you’ve seen it all before. Maybe they’ll bring something novel later on or at least tell the story they are telling in a better fashion but so far it hasn’t been impressive.

  2. If this anime’s author is the manga’s The Town Where You Live, it’s gonna take a while before the main protagonists’ issues get resolved. Meanwhile, they will both get together first with other people.

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