Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory First Impressions


Despite still not actually writing my reviews of the original Full Metal Panic series (first season, second raid and fumoffu), I’m a huge fan of this franchise and am thrilled it is back. So how does this first episode start off the new anime?


There was something very nostalgic about this first episode of Invisible Victory. Partially that has to do with the fact that the visuals don’t seem to have changed at all from second raid, which is both a blessing and a curse. So far this anime looks dated for a 2018 release and yet at the same time it meant instant immersion into a story that has been on break for a very long time. And I guess if they were trying to appeal to fans of the original, they’ve succeeded at recapturing the look and given the story is incomprehensible without prior knowledge at this point, despite some really awkward conversations where exposition was dropped in to catch people up, there’s really no reason for someone to jump into the series at this point.


Sousuke and Chidori are back, and that is a big yay! The impact of the events at the end of second raid are pretty clear with both of these characters being a bit more subdued than we’ve seen them. I’m kind of sad we didn’t get a slightly longer look at their daily life post second raid before events conspired to mess it up, but at the same time I’m glad the anime isn’t wasting time in getting to its story.


With the return of all the faces fans want to see, diving straight into conflict, and Chidori and Sousuke looking cuter than ever together, this was a well appreciated series return for me but unless someone wants to go back and watch at least season one and second raid, there is nothing here for newcomers and visually this anime is showing its age even though this is a new series.

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Karandi James


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24 thoughts on “Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory First Impressions

    1. I’m hoping it manages to keep being as interesting as the previous seasons. So far so good but we’re only two episodes in.

      1. I hope it’s good but I’m a fanboy so even if it’s trash I’ll probably sit through it. I’ve watched some pretty bad stuff before just because it had Gundam in the title.

        1. I must admit, when it comes to this one, I’m also a huge fan. It would have to be pretty terrible for me to stop watching it.

  1. I always had the impression that Sousuke was devoted to Tessa, so that shows you what I know 🙂 I hope there are fewer panty shots and less walloping with a newspaper this time.

    1. She has to hit him with a newspaper. It is such a standard for this anime at this point. Though, the less panty shot thing would be nice.

  2. Ahhh it was a fantastic come back a whole 24 minute episode full of action, fangirling at 7am at this episode was a bad idea. ahaha end up being too loud. It’s great they picked right up from where they left. Though I need to rewatch second raid can’t remember what goes down a lot on. A rewatch of everything is needed to be honest.

    Animation looked fabulous so much detail specially in the mecha’s ughhh yes!!!! I just need the original english dub cast then life will have me complete LOL

    1. I was supposed to rewatch and review the first and second season before this started and that didn’t happen. Fortunately I remember most of what happened, but honestly I just want to rewatch it.

    1. Hopefully you enjoy them. I still need to review them, but I really had fun with this series and I’m hoping this new season is good.

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