Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 6: There Is A Plan


After wondering how long it had been since Kaname had been taken and what Sousuke’s plan was last week, this week the anime lays Sousuke’s plan kind of on the table and it makes everything else so much easier to swallow.


While I’m not against delaying reveals in order to build suspense, there’s something fairly positive about a series that is confident enough in its plot and characters to know it doesn’t need to. Holding all its cards close to its chest isn’t necessary because the audience want Sousuke to get to Kaname so letting us in on his current course of action isn’t going to take away our interest in watching the plan play out. With that said, Full Metal Panic continues to keep Kaname’s whereabouts and current state a complete mystery without even a teaser glimpse of her for two episodes. There’s some smart calls here in how the story is playing out and I’m loving the anime for that.


This episode mostly focuses on Sousuke using the corruption of the fights to try to get a look at what Amalgam is up to. It isn’t a great plan and even Sousuke knows he’s going to have to rely on others and that some of his friends are going to get burned along the way. And yet, the defeat of Mithril has left him with little choice. While it isn’t entirely clear, it does seem like Mithril is gone and Sousuke hasn’t been able to make contact with anyone, though I’m still kind of hoping that the rest of the crew show up sooner rather than later to help Sousuke out because while Sousuke is incredible at putting a plan together, he’s also a realist about his chances of taking on an organisation the size of Amalgam all by himself.


So all and all, Full Metal Panic is continuing its fairly strong run this season and I look forward to what comes next now that Sousuke has an in to the illegal battles but Amalgam is also keeping their eye on him.

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8 thoughts on “Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 6: There Is A Plan

  1. Why do I feel like Amalgam is going to turn this into one huge disaster? 😀
    Well, maybe that’s Sosuke’s goal. If there’s no opening, he has to make one himself… though I don’t really know how he wants to get out of this alive.^^

    1. He’s never really struck me as being all that concerned about whether he survives when compared to whether or not he succeeds. But I honestly don’t see how he plans to even rescue Kaname at this rate but I’m really curious to find out.

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