Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 3: Combining War and Battle with Teen Drama


Every now and then an anime episode delivers exactly what you wanted to see and you finish the episode perfectly happy with what you just watched. That was my feeling this week with Invisible Victory.


While visually there are still some issues with this anime, I’m not going to worry about those in this review. They exist, they always have in this series, but as was the case over a decade ago, the characters carry this well and elevate the show from something that should be fairly ordinary to something that is truly great fun to watch. For 18 minutes we are caught up in the conflict on the island, and it isn’t resolved when we finally cut back to Sousuke and Chidori and the crisis in the city. Mao has ditched and is on the run, Kurz is ignoring instructions to withdraw and is using the last of his ammo to bring down yet more helicopters before they can land, and Tessa is hastening an evacuation knowing that it is only delaying the inevitable as the submarine isn’t ready to go.


Unlike so many other shows with mechas, Full Metal Panic is one that has always given a very human element to the fights. While I do think killing of Speck after last week was probably pushing it a little, almost every part of this conflict worked. The ongoing need to plan, to think, to act desperately, and the deaths that occur all fit well within the context.


And then we jump back to where we finished last week. While I feel putting the classmates in danger, again, is also a fairly cheap emotional ploy, I loved the exchange between Chidori and Sousuke as they both admit that the other scares them. This could have dragged on for episodes with Chidori being scared of Sousuke but not saying anything and Sousuke getting rattled and insecure, but instead they both just came out and said it. The end result was an emotionally charged ending that hit home and made me love this anime and the characters even more.


How was episode 3 for you?

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16 thoughts on “Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 3: Combining War and Battle with Teen Drama

  1. I agree with you, at least when it would be about the next one or two episodes. Although to be honest, I don’t know if more than one more episode of stretching will go too well. I mean, they announced to adopt 3 Light Novels (which I haven’t read, no idea how much story is in them) but that’s a lot to deal with in 12 episodes total. 😀

    1. That does sound like a lot. Though Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody adapted three novels and to be honest, very little of consequence happened in 12 episodes. Still, FMP probably has a bit more substance to push through so hopefully it doesn’t end up rushed.

  2. Oh man, I finally got to watching it too now. It was overall a really solid episode, I really enjoyed it. I’m wondering though, how long will the “build-up” continue until the big bang happens? 😀

    1. I’m happy for them to stretch this out. I think this anime has established some credibility with delivering so it doesn’t need to rush to its highlights but can take its time getting us there. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing something bit soon.

  3. I’ve always love Full Metal Panic, and this post highlights a few great reasons why. The main cast, especially Sousuke and Chidori, are just stellar, not to mention they’re mature enough to talk things out, to allow the other to see their feelings instead of bottling it up inside them. They’re both such strong lead characters, and with an amazing supporting cast including Mao, Kurz, Tessa, and more, the characters really make the show.

    Visually, FMP has always looked a bit funky, but honestly I think that’s part of the charm of the series. There’s been quite a bit of CG the past few episodes but I thought it was really well executed, too.

    Great post, i’m glad you’re enjoying the show as much as I am.

    1. It is just such a ride to watch this show and I’m so glad this one came back as I always felt these two characters had a lot more story to tell. And I’m glad the continuation seems to be doing justice to the nostalgic feelings I have for this one. Hopefully we all keep enjoying this.

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