Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 2: The Weight of The Drama Is Real


Tessa takes a shot, Mithril is under heavy attack, and Sousuke and Chidori are still on the run. This anime knows how to make an entrance back onto the scene.


Full Metal Panic has always been an anime series that has managed to balance really gripping drama with the sillier comedy aspects it presents, but Invisible Victory has brought us straight into the drama. There are no quips, no lighter moments to be found in this twenty minutes as all of the characters we’ve come to love over the course of the series find themselves under heavy attack and with very limited options. It doesn’t feel like a different show, but rather feels like the climax from season 2 never quite ended and we’ve been plunged straight back into conflict. And I must say, I’m kind of loving it.


Tessa is at her most serious in the episode and while she might play the ditsy mascot captain when things are going well, she is most certainly the one in charge and trying to keep the team together, even if that is through fairly open threats. The internal conflict is quite understandable because Mithril is a mercenary unit. I’m more surprised these sorts of situations don’t come up more often given while we’re often led to believe they are one big happy family, the people are there because they are paid and paid well. However, high pay and happy times when victory is assured doesn’t necessarily mean loyalty when your back is to the wall.


But it is Sousuke and Chidori who dominate in this episode as they are taken on a fairly thrilling car chase sequence and then foot pursuit. The poor CG not withstanding, it is an intense sequence where both characters show us where they are. We can definitely see Chidori is finding the death and injuries hard to take and the differing opinions of these two on collateral damage is most definitely going to lead to some issues for them sooner rather than later. Particularly with that end to the episode.

Unlike so many other returning series this season, FMP is the one that has managed to strike exactly the note I was looking for from episode 1, and episode 2 just made it better. Really looking forward to more of this.

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Karandi James


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17 thoughts on “Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory Episode 2: The Weight of The Drama Is Real

    1. Definitely, but I’m incredibly biased because of a deep love for the characters. The poor CG is a real problem and for some people that may be a deal breaker. Also, if you don’t remember the story up until now, don’t expect them to help you out. There has been no recap at all.

      1. I have the first season on Blu-ray disc because like you, I love the series, so I’ll rewatch that before the new stuff. I’m not sold on getting FMP 2nd raid though, heard it wasn’t up to par & the spinoff certainly left me face palming!

        1. I like Second Raid, but it definitely gets darker and the more comedic elements get tossed to the side a bit. Still, I think it is an important phase for the main characters to go through. I agree, the spinoff is its own creature. Amusing but definitely not the same as the main series.

  1. The CG car chase really left a bitter taste in my mouth, which was a shame because everything after that was good, great even.

    Also, Tessa is best grill in a million miles.

    1. The poor CG is a real issue, but honestly, I love the characters enough that I’m just going to ignore that aspect for now and enjoy that this is back.

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