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Fruits Basket Episode 25

Reboots are odd creatures that are a bit hit and miss as to whether they add anything to the original experience or not, yet Fruits Basket 2019 has made a firm case for its existence as it gives us the story that the original anime just couldn’t deliver because it didn’t know where it was going and it never got a second season. Instead of wrapping things up with Tohru helping Kyo we see this as another step in the journey and each of the characters Tohru has met are firmly looking to the future and what they want to do, what they need to overcome, and more importantly, there’s a sense of something big coming to the family soon.


Normally this kind of ending to a season would be more frustrating but knowing the intention was to animate the whole manga and the fact that season two is set for next year, I’m actually pretty happy about this as it gives us the promise that it will explore the ideas the original anime left hanging. Given how the original anime left things, it explains why Fruits Basket was so high up on my list of anime I wanted to see rebooted.


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That said, this episode found more or less the perfect balance between finishing off current character arcs and bringing us to that nice place to leave for now, while providing enough signs and hints of what may come next to make us interested in watching more. That’s a difficult line to walk as leaving things hanging for a season two usually takes away a sense of resolve or finality yet here I can see this season being watchable on its own even if nothing were to come after as immediate concerns are brought to a close.


I’ll get to a full review of this series soon but honestly it has been a very sweet viewing experience with just enough bitterness to give it some depth. Tohru is still a fantastic character. While she falls into the cliche of being the sweet girl who wants to help everyone, she’s never dull. I absolutely love her ability to find the right words at the right time to help those in need and her smile is truly magical. Definitely a worth while watch these last two seasons.

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6 thoughts on “Fruits Basket Review Episode 25

  1. I’ve been avoiding this episode because I don’t want the season to end since we’ve to wait til next year for the continuation. But reading this has now made me want to really buckle down and watch it, lol. It’s such a marvellous adaptation and I can’t wait to see the next part of it.

    1. It was very lovely. I think I’ll probably do a binge rewatch just before the second season comes out. Fruits Basket was always one of my go-to feel good anime anyway and I think this new version will be just as bingeable.

  2. I loved this season as well! I can’t wait for season 2! All the characters are so lovable and I agree Tohru may be a ‘cliche’ character but she’s still so sweet and charming. I aspire to be as kind and open as her! The moment with her and Kyo the previous episode made me cry and the heartwarming moment between him and his teacher! Omg I love this show so much!

    1. It was a very nice feel good anime for the last two seasons and I’m going to miss it. Fortunately we’ll get a second season so more to come.

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