Fruits Basket Review Episode 24


Tears and Smiles


Fruits Basket Episode 24

This episode did not disappoint as it hit some pretty strong emotional notes as we learned about Kyo’s past and Tohru had to face his true spirit form. The moments between these two as Kyo rejects her and she rejects his rejection before the sun literally comes out is exactly the reason why people watch this anime in the first place. It just works beautifully.


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Then again, this episode once again reminded me that there’s something really messed up about this whole family and their situation. Forget the random adults blaming kids for their parent’s deaths or for the action of mythical creatures that may or may not have existed, just the sheer insanity of deciding after one day that you’ll test a relationship in a sink or swim format that might literally destroy Kyo’s ability to trust anyone ever again kind of makes you wonder just what is going on with these people. That Shigure, Kagura and Yuki all just kind of shrug and accept that this is going to happen also makes you want to ask just what have these people been through that this is okay.


One more episode of this season of Fruits Basket and this reboot has most definitely delivered in a way that has felt incredibly rewarding. Seeing this story play out with a lot of the same notes but just that little bit more polished and focused has been a great experience.

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2 thoughts on “Fruits Basket Review Episode 24

  1. Are they going to stop for a while with the show or continue? Was this ep in the old anime this straightforward? I kinda remember the old version being little drawn out…maybe just in my imagination?

  2. Yeah, they are all incredibly damaged and how much of that blame falls to Akito. I’m looking forward to finding out more on why they tolerate Akita’s rule.

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