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Fruits Basket Episode 16

After the breather, and slightly empty feeling episode, last week, Fruits Basket episode 16 dives deeply into the people surrounding Tohru. Specifically we’re seeing Arisa’s past and how she became connected with Tohru Honda.

Fruits Basket - Episode 16 - Tohru, Arisa, and Hana

While we already knew that Arisa was a bit of a delinquent and in a gang and we also knew, after the graveyard episode, that Tohru’s mother was once actively known as The Crimson Butterfly, how Tohru and Arisa became friends was still a little bit of a mystery. While this episode divided its time between a swim scene, a shopping trip, and a meal, the meat of the story was definitely the background being divulged about Arisa’s time and her first contact with Tohru and Kyoko.


Clearly though this is setting up a two part episode and Arisa’s past is clearly on track to catch up with her as both at the shop and at the restaurant some other gang members have their eye on the group. Part of me kind of wants to see them try and tangle with Yuki or Kyo but I don’t know that we’re heading for an all out brawl. That would seem a little out of character for the story.

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Still, the weaker parts of the episode are the ones set in the present with the characters largely sitting around and talking. While that does give us a few warm moments and Arisa messing with Yuki and Kyo never really gets old, it couldn’t hold up when compared to the back-story this episode.


However, I will give the funniest moment of the episode to the after credits scene where the girl gang tries to intimidate a passerby and it turns out to be Momoji. That was pretty funny.

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11 thoughts on “Fruits Basket Review Episode 16

  1. So…I recently started watching the reboot…the animation art is definitely better than the original. I didn’t even notice until I saw comparison pictures. But they all look so good now!

    1. Yes, as much as the original hit me emotionally, it was never all that great visually. The reboot certainly picks the visual aspect up, but I’m also finding the tone a bit more consistent as well.

      1. Honestly, I watched the original such a long time ago that I can’t remember details much. I remember liking it but not as much as the manga of course. I’m glad that they’re doing the whole thing this time. I still find it funny and touching…I’m loving it all over again!

        1. Yes, my biggest issue with the original was it just kind of left so many things unsaid. I actually skim read the manga online to answer a few questions but I haven’t actually read it in detail so I’ve been enjoying seeing the differences in the new anime and I’m looking forward to the story continuing on past the point I really know.

          1. Oh, read the manga! Again, I can’t remember the details because it’s so long ago, but the original anime left out so many things and kinda changed the story. It’s definitely worth reading!

          2. Yes, I noticed just from skimming it that many things were a bit different. Part of the reason I was so happy to see a rebooted anime series come out.

  2. “However, I will give the funniest moment of the episode to the after credits scene where the girl gang tries to intimidate a passerby and it turns out to be Momoji. That was pretty funny.”

    Who knew that Momoji was so powerful? I certainly didn’t!

    That scene was precious — especially after watching the gang members practice their intimidating sneers! Didn’t seem to have much effect on Momoji…

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