Friday’s Feature – Do you use Twitter?

When I started my blog I also kind of set up a twitter account so that at least my posts were going somewhere (I kind of assumed I’d be my blog’s only visitor but fortunately that hasn’t been the case). Since then, I’ve kind of got hooked on twitter. Not so much because I get it, but because there are so many great quotes, ideas, and links shared to some really great information and articles about anime. So many that it is actually overwhelming and once you start looking around on twitter you can really lose a lot of time.

It seems every time I go to Twitter I find someone new to follow and some new blog that I hadn’t found before to visit, and that’s all kinds of fantastic. However, I kind of get the feeling that I’m barely scraping the tip of the iceberg for what is happening on twitter. As a result, I’m not going to write a feature about the best way to use Twitter, because I do not know. Nor am I going to offer my tips, because I still don’t really know what I’m doing, other than finding a lot very cool people to talk to when our time zones happen to mesh.

So, I’m just going to ask: If you’re a Twitter user, what are your tips for using it effectively and for getting the most out of the site?

Below are some of my favourite tweets that I’ve come across since joining Twitter. Feel free to add your tips, favourite tweets, or username in the comments.


27 thoughts on “Friday’s Feature – Do you use Twitter?

  1. Honestly, I use Twitter to keep track of things like fan art. If you really like fan art then Twitter is a great place to find them. I found so many new people that way and I really don’t regret following them even though they pulled me deeper into anime hell. I also use Twitter to ‘promote’ my posts or just to express my feelings because no one is going to judge you there.

  2. Twitter does a great job in entertaining users in 140 characters or less.

    As for me, I’ve been using Twitter to send personal messages, read anime news and view spectactular photography by users. It really takes away a lot of your time if you’re not careful enough. I can totally vouch for that. 😂

  3. I’ve recently set up a separate Twitter account for my blog apart from my personal one to somehow streamline all anime-related information in one place. And true, Twitter is a great source of gifs, video clips and fan arts from lots of anime fans out there.

    My biggest challenge when it comes to communicating with some followers is the time difference since morning in my place meant evening for some. This is why I sometimes use Buffer to schedule posts in advance.

    Staying on Twitter can be time consuming though, so I’m quite strict on just spending an hour to post and find new people to follow. (still a struggle though.)

  4. I used to use Twitter all of the time, but it ended up becoming a bit of a timesink. When I realized that I was neglecting other stuff because of social networking, I changed my priorities. I am finally back to writing nonsense again because I made a choice not to put social networking and gaming over it, but that is more personal preference than suggesting that it is in any way bad in of itself. Earlier this year, I spent a week or so going over my contacts to see how many I interact with and/or follow the posts of these days as I wanted to refine what I was following so that I didn’t miss relevant stuff over the stuff that wasn’t relevant anymore or was not longer being maintained anymore.

  5. I started using Twitter as a way of getting a hold of developers and publishers of games in order to secure review keys, and ended up liking the bite-sized thought process over Facebook. So much so that I don’t even use Facebook anymore.

    If you find that you’re following too many people to keep track of, narrow it down to the ones you’d like to follow and “mute” the others. That way you can still follow them if you’d like, but their tweets don’t flood your feed. You can also turn off retweets from specific accounts if you find them to be a bit too RT happy.

    It’s definitely easy to get sucked in. I’d honestly say Twitter is the #1 cause of my procrastination.

      1. I’ll hop on Twitter to take a break from homework and suddenly an hour has passed. Get stuck in a game, hop online to find a guide and notice I have notifications, same thing. It’s my own fault lol.

  6. I use to promote my blog post and use hashtags because social media is a great way to earn traffic in your blog without Twitter and Facebook how are going to get yourself out there, I got retweets from indie companies but sharing it on social media but those people who follow you on who are not anime blogger (some) you can learn to grow your blog because some of this make loads money by doing blogger. Sorry about his reply but you have a great blog and keep it up.

  7. I’m still figuring all this out, but I’m both enjoying Twitter, and realising why I never got a personal Twitter (I will share random personal things like the status of my cup of tea). The 140 character limit kills me though. It’s probably good in that it’s teaching me to be less wordy, but it’s frustrating having to go figure out what were non-essential characters to bring a thought under the limit.

    A lot of the major anime information sites tweet regularly, so it’s an easy way to get all your anime news in one place, plus I’ve found by following people, you may find some other fun or interesting people to follow.

  8. Rocco B told me I should do it, and I did it. I have no tips. 😀 I tweet random things about anime and being tired (lol), and it’s cool ’cause I met some more people who blog. I don’t have terribly many followers, but s’all good and fun. I like having a place to ramble and say things like “Mermaid Princess” and all that.
    (o^ ^o)/
    I hobby blog and shojo’s pretty niche, so it’s helping me to connect, I think. And anyone who might care can know I’m still active even if I get really busy and can’t blog for a bit. It only takes a few seconds to tweet. 🙂



    1. I get what you mean. I struggle enough trying to keep my posts down to the 100 words for episode reviews (fail miserably almost every time) and twitter is even more restrictive in that I can’t just blow the character count and say oh well.

  9. Pretty much like yourself. I also joined twitter to get my blog some where. These days, well I’m pretty much an active user xDD.

  10. I’ve had Twitter for a few years, but have only recently used it frequently in the last year and a half. I use it to advertise my blog as well as share some meager opinionated stuff out of the confines of my mind.

    I think Twitter is best used as a stalking service. Not in the sense that you’re trying to identify someone’s every move, but to keep up with what they’re doing and what’s going on in their life, which is why I find it disappointing that people only use it to update stuff. It’s more fun to interact with people on Twitter, much in the sense that it’s more fun to leave comments on blog posts than just “liking” them. It’s called “Social media” for a reason, so I feel socializing is an effective way of using Twitter.

    1. True the social aspect and having a conversation is actually kind of fun. The real problem is time zones and when people are active. Sometimes I get a reply to a tweet during the night and then I have to remember what I was thinking with the original comment.

  11. I got Twitter when I started blogging too, but have been less conversant with it. I think I tried following a few LPers, comedians, and noteworthy Canadians, but quickly found keeping up with even a few people was a pain. I Other than that, I’ve only used it for a Q&A with HuniePotDev.
    Though I have been thinking about live-tweeting my thoughts on new shows for a while now. If only Crunchyroll’s videoplayer wasn’t so prone to crash.

    1. I also find Crynchyroll’s videoplayer to be very tempermental. The slightest internet interruption and the video just dies and its reload and wait time.

      1. I feel that Crunchyroll is a constant test of my sanity. Especially on the PS3 where I have to decide between being logged into premium and having the video slow to a crawl because it forgets there’s an option other than 1080p with no way to manually change quality, or being logged out and having the ads refuse to serve correctly so the player breaks.

        I love the huge library of shows though and when it’s working smoothly, it’s really great.

  12. Twitter is horrible thing. 😛

    Naw, it’s fun to talk to blogging peeps and I get amused with what I see people posting on.

  13. I have a Twitter and I follow a few online friends and YouTubers, but that’s about it. I don’t really check it. However, I have been debating making another one and starting from scratch ever since I saw you were using Twitter, but I’m still on the fence.

  14. Honestly…before I started up my Blog I already had a twitter account, but it had pretty much died. Ever since I started with Facebook, everybody seemed to do a lot more with that, so I hardly used my twitter account. And now I am pretty much done with Facebook, and back to Twitter again. Funny how things sometimes go…allthough I am not someone that is an active Tweeter. I use it mainly for just about the same reason you started it, to make sure my posts were going somewhere.
    The most awesome experience for me on twitter was when I posted my review for Daylight Ends on Twitter. The writer of that movie, Chad LAW , liked my tweet, and also responded to it, and even became one of my followers. That was so incredibly cool and pretty unbelievable actually 😀 My twitter account is @online_raistlin (or Raistlin Online, my old Xbox 360 online name lol).

  15. I love Twitter. It’s my main source of news, entertainment, and just being a part of a community. I need to tweet a lot more, but it’s super fun to live tweet or post thoughts on things over there as opposed to say, Facebook or Tumblr to me (I have all three and use Twitter the most). Don’t really have any tips for good Twitter use, because I sort of just log on and look at my timeline. The Who to Follow feature has given me some great people to follow that I wouldn’t have normally, so I’d say always check that section out!

    My Twitter is @CrystalDMusic, but I warn you my twitter is as all over the place as my blog XD

  16. i feel like i get a lot of entertainment value out of twitter…it also makes me feel like i can keep track of stuff much more easily. that being said, im completely awful when it comes to actually throwing out my own tweets.

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