Friday’s Feature: Why Believing In Yourself As A Blogger Is Easy To Say But Hard To Do

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Keeping this one short this week for many reasons but the most pressing one would be that the real world has decided that I just needed a few more obstacles in my path and has been fairly liberal in dropping them more or less directly on top of me over the last few weeks. Most of it is work related but I’m going to be honest and admit that my confidence has taken some serious hits lately (and given my usual raging insecurities that probably wasn’t something I needed). Still, I’m not turning this into a post about my personal dramas so I’ll get to the topic at hand.

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Don’t you just love in anime how characters are constantly asking others to believe in themselves or announcing that they are the strongest or most amazing? It is almost as if they think a self-declaration or affirmation will somehow reshape reality and make it so. Black Star from Soul Eater is the perfect example of a character who screams his many wonders at any given opportunity despite plenty of early failures.

Here’s the thing though. They are actually kind of right. While just declaring yourself the best won’t make it so, being paralysed by fear and uncertainty and worried about the consequences of every decision actively prevents you from moving forward. The difficulty of course is then finding a balance.


Midoriya from My Hero Academia is starting to find his balance. Early season one Midoriya spent a lot of his time mumbling to himself and fairly crippled by his own inadequacies. Still, when the time came to act he did and since then he gained strength. Small strength and first, strength he couldn’t really control and he knew he could still lose, but from that strength he gained confidence and started to believe he could become strong. And so he started to act. Now we have season 2 Midoriya who still does think through consequences and occasionally reverts to the mumbling mess he was, but for the most part he faces forward and plans his next moves. He isn’t a braggart but he has confidence in his growing abilities and that he can overcome most obstacles.

Is he right? Well, he isn’t dead yet so I guess he can’t be too wrong.

So let’s apply this to blogging.

A lot of the bloggers I interact with are self-declared introverts or not overly social people in the real world. A lot of them worry about how people will take something or whether they’ve made a mistake. A lot of people worry whether leaving a comment is the right choice or whether they should just like. A lot of them worry that they might seem brash or rude, or that they might be taken the wrong way.

That’s a lot of worry going on and it is understandable given we’re told continuously that once something is online it is there. Even if you delete it later someone may have already shared it, screen capped it, whatever, and it might never disappear entirely.


But… If you don’t hit the post button, if you don’t send that comment, if you don’t write that tweet there is only one certainty. And that is, no one will ever reply to you or know what you were thinking. No one will be able to respond to you, acknowledge you, consider your view. It just won’t exist.

And while every thought you have may not need to be broadcast to the world, sometimes the smallest things can make a big difference.

So maybe 100 people already wrote a review or their impressions of that episode. Maybe you aren’t adding anything new that hasn’t been said by one of them. But are they your thoughts? Didn’t you start a blog to put yourself out there (even if only in a small way)? Didn’t you want someone to know how you felt?

As someone who lets their self-doubt cripple them in real-life on a fairly regular basis, I know that nothing will come from needless worry. Think it through. In regards to a blog post just do the basics. Is your point clear? Can it be read easily? Are there too many glaring errors that probably should be fixed? Is this what you want to say? If your post does that schedule it or post it. Stop worrying. Stop hesitating. Maybe someone will write a nasty comment and maybe no one will say anything. But just maybe you’ll start a conversation with someone and you’ll be happy that you wrote it.


Not saying it is easy but if you want to blog just do it. Don’t let your worry stop you.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


39 thoughts on “Friday’s Feature: Why Believing In Yourself As A Blogger Is Easy To Say But Hard To Do

  1. Definitely a sentiment I can relate to, and something I try to practice.
    Sometimes it can really feel like there’s too much to do, and you’re just not “strong enough” to do what should and needs to be done.
    But then someone kindly reminds you that, while it may seem one way, they’re struggling too.
    I admit, I’m definitely feeling a bit worn as well, but as you say, the only certainty is what will happen if we don’t. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I think this is something we all need said to us from time to time. I really should apply this to my real world activities at some point in time.

  2. That was a much needed read I guess. It’s scary pressing that post button and the worries just pile up one after the other but you gotta start somewhere and if you don’t put yourself out there, then nobody will know your thoughts. This was a really encouraging post, thank you. 😊

  3. I just wanted to let you know that this blog post really rings true for me as it has for every one who has posted a comment. Writing is my passion and I’ve pursued it in RL but I’m also afraid of this passion of mine because of all my insecurities and worrying. I’m at an odd transitioning point in my life and I started my anime blog because I shared the same feeling that you communicated here: of wanting to share a part of yourself to the world because it feels right to share your thoughts on something that an (online) community enjoys with you. Your post reminded me that I need to brush off my insecurities and keep writing because it’s something that I love. So, thanks for writing this post.

  4. Shrugging off self-doubt and having the courage to hit that publish button or post comment button is definitely not easy sometimes, but you really have to put yourself out there or else nothing happens. I really do like how it is easier to do so online compared to doing so in real life, though, since we have all these conversations and stuff happening as a result.

    Hopefully your current situation with work improves. Having no finalized date and time for stuff is incredibly frustrating.

    Great post as usual!

  5. I think you might know this about me, as I have said in one of my earliest posts, but I am someone who is very insecure and at times lacks confidence. I’m sorry to hear about the things going on in real life. It’s never easy to deal with stuff like that. Though I don’t know exactly what’s going on, I do know that things in real life can have a profound influence on your mood. I can only hope that everything will resolve it self quickly.
    As for your confidence: look at it this way as well. Your blog currently has over 1600 followers. You are an inspiration to so many bloggers out here (including myself). Your posts are enjoyed by an incredible amount of people, and they are of the highest quality. Everywhere I look, I see you pop up on people’s blogs, giving cool comments, insightful things, and just being your awesome self. If that doesn’t give you confidence, I don’t know what will πŸ˜€ And seriously I mean everything I have said here.
    This was a terrific post: I have said it countless times: the most fun thing about blogging is exchanging thoughts on posts and interacting with the community. Everyone that doesn’t do this (and of course everyone should choose what they want to do), but in my opinion they just miss out on such an important part of what makes blogging awesome.
    I just want to say: keep your chin up, be strong, and believe in your self. Good luck with everything 😊

    1. I’m significantly more outgoing with my blog than I feel I’ll ever be in reality – I certainly interact with more people online than I do IRL. But it is something I’ve heard a lot from other bloggers that they worry about commenting and how people will take something. But as you said, the most fun thing is the exchange of thoughts and the interactions and that can’t happen if you hold yourself back and don’t post the comment in the first place.
      Thanks as always for your kind words and support.

      1. Hmm, that is something I can relate to as well. In real life I also tend to be more shy and a little less ontging than on my blog. On the other hand: the things you say here, are inside you, and also are a part of you. So in other words: they can be applied in real life as well in the end πŸ˜€
        But I definitely know what you mean about posting comments. It can be scary, especially when commenting for the first time on a new blog. But it usually is worth it to do so anyway πŸ˜€

  6. That was a great article. I wasn’t sure about this whole blogging thing especially with me taking on multiple topics across different pages, but I needed to be brave whether it was my avant-garde music project, photography/videography, my fiction, and me doing reviews for lesser-known media in the film, documentary, and anime fields. The last one was big since I know my opinions aren’t always like the cool reviewers or professional ones and I’ve even covered various controversies in cinema and anime in some critiques. However, I had to keep trucking along. Thanks, Karandi.

    1. I don’t think it matters if your opinions aren’t the same as others mostly because if everyone had the same opinion about a show or a movie, it would get pretty boring and there wouldn’t be much to discuss.
      Hope you continue to have fun with what you are doing.

      1. Good point. It does bug me when some people just go with the bandwagon and not offering real criticism by parroting some talking points (assuming if they aren’t bought). It’s been cathartic exposing my viewers at Iridium Eye to something new with movies, anime, docs, and whatever while offering my original opinions. Thanks. I’ll keep doing my best.

  7. Sometimes, even more than the post itself, I worry about what I’m replying to other people. Is it okay to say this? Will they find it annoying if I continue the conversation? Stuff like that.
    So, thanks for those words! Also, I hope whatever it’s been worrying you in the real world, and I know it’s been going for weeks) gets sorted soon.

    1. It is just work. And if I keep telling myself it is ‘just’ work I can kind of block out all the tears and frustrations while I’m blogging and distract myself. I thought the biggest issue was going to be resolved by now but due to having to deal with other people and their timelines, it is now being dragged out and I must admit I’d been holding on ‘okayish’ because I thought I had a clear date for it being over and now I really don’t other than before the end of the year. I’m hoping it clears up soon because the other stuff will fall into place after that one major point is dealt with.

      I have to admit, replying and commenting is scary because you can’t edit comments and sometimes people do take them the wrong way, or after you’ve written it you wonder what the point was. I decided, when I started blogging, to just go for it because I wanted to talk to people about anime. I’ve probably only had two bad experiences where people have seriously misconstrued a comment I’ve written so for the most part I find commenting a really enjoyable part of the blogging process.

      1. That can be frustrating, I suppose. I’m glad at least blogging gives you some comfort. Hoping the best for you!
        If I’m being honest, you’re one of the reasons I actively started commenting. You’re just so nice and I thought if she can take time out of her busy day and put herself out there, so should I.

        1. Thanks for saying that. Sometimes I wonder if people would be like ‘oh not another comment from her’. But I really enjoy talking to people about the things I love and I can’t do that unless I actually talk (or in this case type).

  8. Well Said. The key to success in any field is to work at it. If you want to write, write. If you want to draw, draw. Don’t worry about how impressive it is or how talented you are. You will find that if you continue to practice, the talent/inspiration/confidence will develop. Don’t let worries or insecurities get to you. Don’t worry about what others judge your work to be. In the end you’re not doing it for them anyhow.

  9. Excellent post. I’m absolutely in agreement too. Self doubt kills so many ideas, no doubt good and bad, so pushing through that and taking the first step by simply posting is important.

    1. Oh yes, some ideas probably do need to be killed off which is why a moment of reflection is probably a good thing. However it is finding the balance between reflecting and panicking that it is important and not hindering your own progress.

  10. I know exactly what you mean with the worry! It’s scary to put yourself out there but it’s better than not doing anything at all! I found this post very inspiring as I often doubt myself and what I am writing! 😊 It has made me want to conquer these fears and worries!

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