Friday’s Feature: It’s In His Kiss

As much as I love my action, dystopian futures, horror stories, and generally violent adventures, deep down inside I have a soft spot for a well told romance story. This comes from an upbringing of watching family friendly romantic comedies with my mother on weekends while folding piles of washing or ironing or other incredibly boring chores but the laughs and sweet stories of all those girls finding their one true love definitely left an impact. Now, if I have a choice of romance or action, I’ll probably pick the action, but every now and then I’m just in the mood for something a little bit sweeter and then out come the romances.


However, as I sought out anime romances, one thing became incredibly clear to me. There are very few romances that fall into a moderate category. Romances either present as beautiful stories of chaste characters who blush at the mere sight of one another or they present as stories with super aggressive characters who rapidly push the age rating and most people’s comfort zones. And while every now and then we’ll stumble across a story of characters who will actually just fall in love and be a couple, the more common scenario is watching twenty to forty episodes with a couple who have barely managed to hold hands.

Yes, it is the third season after a 13 year gap, but Sousuke and Kaname finally confidently hold hands.

What this leaves us with, however, is a story that starts reading all sorts of things into fairly mundane actions. The ‘indirect’ kiss nonsense that comes up time and again is one particular example that really makes me roll my eyes. While admittedly, characters probably shouldn’t be drinking out of the same water bottle or sharing a straw or whatever (have these characters never considered glandular fever) the sheer fuss they put up about the possibility of an ‘indirect’ kiss is just insane sometimes. These characters literally melt into puddles of stammering and half the time end up dropping or knocking over the thing they were supposed to eat or drink.

Indirect Kiss.jpg

While this sequence is cute enough in one or two stories, by the time you see it play out again and again and again (don’t believe me, check out the TV Tropes page for indirect kisses and the anime examples) and it ultimately all just gets a bit silly.


One of my favourite anime romances, Kimi ni Todoke, suffers from being one of those impossibly ridiculous stories. Sawako is a stammering mess of insecurities and doesn’t believe Kazehaya could ever have feelings for her. As a result, when it is first suggested she should date him she flat out states it is impossible. She doesn’t give him the gifts she makes him. She eventually can’t even meet his eyes. All and all, she does everything possible to make herself a cliche shoujo heroine and the type that under most circumstances would drive me half-way up the wall. I don’t know why she doesn’t because I do know that by the end of season one I wanted to slap her for not actually just kissing the guy at the shrine. Nope, you will have to wait until the end of season two before these two will actually kiss and even then, that is as far as their relationship is going. Thirty plus episodes and they finally manage a kiss. Two characters who have been in love with each other since nearly the beginning. To say the pace of that relationship progress was glacial would be being generous.


Now not every anime romance is quite so insanely slow or chaste. Still, it is interesting how much emphasis is put on the notion of kissing your partner. In some ways it is kind of refreshing and it feels nice to know that the emotional connection between the characters is getting more emphasis then the number of times they can get the characters into the bedroom. Also nice to know that there is a focus on the narrative behind the romance rather than just showing us the characters making out. I appreciate both of these things. At the same time, like with everything else, when there isn’t a variety of relationships and relationship types being shown, it risks normalising some behaviours, marginalising some viewers, and ultimately not providing options so the argument if you don’t like it, don’t watch it, ceases to have weight.

Because a great many people want to watch romance and anime. They may not be after the super shoujo high school girl who blushes to the tips of her ears when a guy picks up her eraser, but they’d like to see a relationship unfold.

takeo and yamato 3

Part of this was why I really enjoyed My Love Story. The protagonist was a male, rather then the girl, and the confession was over and done with four episodes in. The story was about them learning how to be in a relationship rather than getting to the relationship. That doesn’t mean they moved any faster given how long it took them to accomplish hand-holding and the protagonist kissed his best friend (with the aid of some cling wrap) long before he got around to trying to kiss his girlfriend but it still felt a bit different from so many other love stories.

Yuri + Victor2

It was also why I was so puzzled by the number of people who tried to play down Yuri and Victor’s relationship in Yuri on Ice. The ones who claim it wasn’t a kiss and they aren’t engagement rings. Given how little physical connections characters in other ‘romance’ anime have, Yuri on Ice was outright explicit in showing off that relationship. Those two were hugging nearly from the beginning and if hungry stares are the staple of most relationships, just watch Yuri before he starts any one of his skates as he meets eyes with Victor. The average female protagonist has got nothing on that look across the ice and if it was being directed at her she’d probably claim she’d gotten pregnant on the spot.

Admit it, you want him to be looking at you right now.

Although, the mis-information about pregnancy and sex that comes across in some anime is also a little bit alarming. I kind of get why it happens culturally but at the same time I don’t think girls claiming they’ll get pregnant from kissing a guy really helps get the right kind of information across to people. I’d suggest you not learn sex-ed from anime in the first place, but at the very least they should try to stamp out the more pervasive myths that get flung about.

Steins Gate Kiss.jpg

However, personal thoughts about romance aside, one thing anime does very well, is really makes those rare scenes, the kiss between the heroine and her hero, truly melting moments. Maybe it is the long wait for it, the build up, the anticipation. Maybe it is the sound tracks, the soft lighting, the sparkles. Whatever it is, one thing I know is that when a couple in anime finally get together and they finally lean in for that kiss, I know I’m usually on the edge of my seat and once or twice I’ve applauded.


Who was your favourite anime couple and what episode of their anime did they finally kiss in?

Thanks for reading.

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23 thoughts on “Friday’s Feature: It’s In His Kiss

  1. You know, a show that’s an interesting case study is, “My Wife is the Student Council President.” The show is unabashedly ecchi, with the uncensored version chock full of nudity and sexual situations, and yet in season 1 at least there was actually a heartwarming little story under all the sex comedy shenanigans. You have these two kids who were betrothed by their parents at a young age, and now have to learn how to have a relationship with each other when neither of them has the slightest bit of experience dating anyone else. If you leave aside the part about the show conveniently making them live together, most of it feels like they could be real teenagers in a first serious relationship: there’s issues of learning how to communicate with each other, learning about each other’s likes and dislikes, how to fight and make up and work out their differences, and the oh-so-familiar mix of bravado and awkwardness when it comes to the physical stuff. Then season 2 came along and turned it into a full-blown harem show and everything just got stupid, but I enjoyed most of season 1 and found it refreshing to watch a show that at least had a clue about what a relationship between normal, healthy, hormonally charged teenagers actually looks like.

    1. The convenient make them live together trope rears its head again.
      Seems like it did at least take a different approach to the relationship than so many others. I haven’t seen it, and am unlikely to, but it is good to know that it at least tried to be a bit different before it went into harem mode.

  2. Have you seen or read Silver Spoon? I liked the pacing and sensitivity of how the relationship in that was handled. It’s one of the slower ones, but it made sense. Also I liked that the girl wasn’t some super hot top heavy model. She’s cute in a realistic way. Ok, I’ll stop singing the show’s praises before this turns into a post in its own right…

      1. I can imagine! I will say that SS was my favorite series before I watched Gate (and I still consider it objectively better than Gate). No surprise, as it’s the creation of Hiromu Arakawa…

  3. “I’d suggest you not learn sex-ed from anime in the first place…” Wait, what???

    I mean, there’s so much in anime that was NEVER taught in class!😸

    1. And yet so much that is so blatantly wrong or misleading. Though I do suspect it would be an interesting list if we ever wrote down all the ways that anime characters claimed they could get pregnant.

      1. Yeah, I should have probably indicated I was being sarcastic. I mean, I thought it was obvious; but given that this is the internet there’s bound to be someone who won’t get it. And yeah… that would be an interesting list!

  4. It wasn’t a confirmed romance but the relationship between Rock and Revy from Black Lagoon was my favorite part of the whole show. The dynamic they have, both knowing there is something more between them, and the shared lighting of their cigarettes scene melted me heart.

  5. Seeing your featured image, Akagami no Shirayukihime really made my heart flutter with ther kiss in the tower because I thought
    it was a perfect moment, and I first thought that they were a couple on the painfully shy side of things and it surprised me when Zen just kissed her 💕 I remember mooning over it for a bit.

    1. It was a genuinely great moment for a fairly adorable relationship. Love Zen and Shirayuki. Would like another season with those two.

  6. Wow, this is a hard question! I guess Love Com maybe? They technically kiss in episode 13, but it’s episode 18 for a real first kiss… even if Risa doesn’t fully understand.

    1. It is a hard question because you just start thinking of so many great moments and then you realise how many episodes it took to get there.

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