Frankenstein Family Episodes 11 + 12


There are very few words for how disappointing these final two episodes are. Mostly because this demonstrates an incredible lack of either planning to end the story at a reasonable rest point OR lack of care for an audience that will be left without anything resembling closure and no announcement of follow up. While not every story will resolve everything perfectly, ending a final season episode with a cliff-hanger and literally just dropping the story there is kind of the laziest path imaginable. The only time it is excusable is when the resolution is already planned and a release date for a follow up has already been announced and even then it is still a poor way to end a season.


Even if I ignore the lack of anything resembling a resolution here just the sheer leaps some of these characters went through in terms of their personalities in the space of the last three episodes were a little ridiculous. While I get all of the characters were in fact keeping some of their inner nature in check out of consideration and abandoning that position was going to result in some changes, that doesn’t account for some of the decisions and statements these characters suddenly came out with for the sake of a dramatic climax. It all just kind of made me wonder what I’d been watching the nine or ten episodes leading up to this.


I will do a full season review of this at some point, but honestly, I don’t think any pleasant enjoyment from the earlier episodes can offset this ending so it probably isn’t going to be a favourable review. That said, I will give myself some time to reflect and think about the series as a whole and to distance myself from the current feeling of disappointment before I write it.


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4 thoughts on “Frankenstein Family Episodes 11 + 12

  1. Wow! I’m suddenly happy I put this on hold after the first two episodes. I feel like I can permanently drop it after reading this. Thank you for saving me the disappointment.

    1. Maybe they have a planned second season but to be honest, this just is a terrible way to end this season. A climax made possible only by characters acting really strange compared with how they’ve been acting and really no resolution on any of the major plot points. I didn’t have high expectations of this series, but I kind of wanted something a bit better than this.

      1. It’s a shame that it turned out that way. Maybe they needed more time? Then again, they could have scrapped that whole voice actor thing they had in each episode and focused on the anime instead. Idk, I’m sorry it disappointed. When I saw the trailer I really liked the idea but the first episodes didn’t live up to my expectations.

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