Frankenstein Family Episodes 1 + 2


It is amazing what timing can do for a show. If Frankenstein Family had aired back at the start of the season I’d have probably passed after episode 1, particularly as only 15 minutes of the run time is actually episode and the rest is voice actresses doing whatever they are doing (it isn’t overly compelling whatever it is). Yet at this stage of a slow season, this isn’t a terrible beginning for an anime and I find myself curious about what it might do. That and it isn’t as bad as some of the stuff I’m still actually watching so comparatively its a winner.


The story involves a family of five siblings who were raised in a lab by their mad-scientist parents. The four sisters were experimented on and each has an interesting modification. There’s the mind reader, the plant girl, the dog girl, and the spider girl. The boy, Tanisu claims he’s the only normal one that wasn’t experimented on and that he’s a genius however evidence in the flash back in episode 2 suggests he was also being experimented on so I guess we’ll see where they go with that story line or whether it is just a red-herring.


Anyway, their parents have been arrested and for some reason they are now living alone. They weren’t really clear on the specifics and I’m assuming the kids aren’t being supported by child services or an equivalent all things considered so I’m curious what they will do when they inevitably run out of money. That’s assuming of course they don’t get themselves into trouble before then given none of the girls have a clue how to live in the ‘normal’ world.


Honestly, this is pretty standard in the way it delivers its story but the family dynamic is kind of cute and there’s enough potential in the set up for me to want to know a bit more about what is really going on with the family and why the lab burnt down and the parents got arrested so I’ll hopefully watch some more of this.

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8 thoughts on “Frankenstein Family Episodes 1 + 2

  1. I was pretty sure the dog person was a boy. Now I have to go back and watch it again to make sure…

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