Four Months of Blogging

I’m actually not celebrating every single month of blogging at this point, however, given I just happened to write my very first post on the first of the month, it seems like a good time each month to reflect and look at the journey and where it’s going.

As always, I want to thank those who have been supporting 1oo Word Anime and who have viewed, liked and commented on posts. Without you, this blog really doesn’t have any reason to continue.

On that note I want to particularly thank the following 4 bloggers who regularly visit and comment on my site. I’ve linked to their very incredible blogs and I’m really glad to have met them by starting this blog.

Now some random stats I found about my posts over the last 4 months.

Anime Episode Review with the most views? For some reason that honour goes to The Lost Village Episode 6. How that has got 139 views I do not know, but it is officially my most viewed single episode blog entry.

Anime Series Review with the most views? This actual surprised me a lot. Kamisama Kiss is my most viewed series reviewย  with 45 views.

Tuesday’s Top 5 post with the most views?ย  I wasn’t surprised by this because it is also the post that has the most comments overall. It was Tuesday’s Top 5: Romantic Anime. Still, it only had 51 views which means The Lost Village Episode 6 review has been more viewed.

Friday’s Feature with the most views? This went toย  The Flawed Premise of Orange with 63 views. I really think that the title is actually what sold that post. I always hate trying to figure out what to name posts and end up going with the most obvious. That said, when you are reviewing an episode or a series it makes sense to simply say that. Friday’s Features are one of the few posts I write where I really have to think about the title.

So if those were the best performing, which posts got totally buried? Though, I haven’t included any posts from the last two weeks in this because they just haven’t had their time yet.

Episode review goes to My Hero Academia Episode 4 with 3 views. For a series review it was Comet Lucifer with 8 views. Tuesday’s Top 5: Cool Users of Ice Magic came in with only 13 views and Friday’s Feature on Magical Girls Part 3 had 16 views.

So what next?

I actually like where things are for the blog at the moment and how they are travelling. That said, I’m starting to kick around some ideas (in my head) for a new post each week. Something to replace the quotes that I discontinued. Still, I’m open to suggestions should you choose to leave any in the comments or contact me.

Once again, thanks to the readers and I hope you will still be dropping by at the start of the next month.


26 thoughts on “Four Months of Blogging

  1. Waa, 4 months and you dish out so much content, you’re so prolific, you’re amazing! Congrats on staying strong AND doing so much~
    I hope you do stick around for months and years to come, I really love reading your reviews of the whole series, I feel like your perspective is real interesting and I specially like when it matches mine ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Congratulations on surviving for 4 months and still going strong! I wish I had your work ethic! Thanks for supporting my lonely blog, thanks for dealing with my gargatuan comments , and thanks for always making worthwhile posts!

  3. Congratulations ^^ hard to believe you’ve only been doing it only four months, feels like you’ve been around for ages (in a good way). Oh, and thanks a bunch for the shoutout ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Grats on the anniversary. I think you are blogging really well, however if I may give an advice, do not shy from blogging just as it feels right at the moment. Consistency is a pretty nice thing to have, but if you want to keep on doing it, then it must never become a chore. I’ve been doing my anime diary for about six years now, and the way I blog now is completely different than I did then.

    1. True, things that become chores tend to lose their appeal. Thanks for the advice.
      That said, I’m a big fan of routines given how many hours of my life are eaten up by work.

  5. Good accomplishment. I’ve been around nearly 8 months and I don’t remotely have as many articles as you. Congrats.

    1. My next goal is to keep posting consistently until Christmas. I really feel if I can maintain the pace until then it will be a habit and I’ll just keep going.

          1. Well, I’ll give you my situation, but please wait until the complete post. When moving back to my home city, my Anime collection was lost thanks to my sister not wanting to go back an get the rest of my stuff. I’m slowly rebuilding my anime dvds/blu-ray collection, but I’d like to get recommendations on anime goodness to get, when possible.

  6. Wow four months! That’s a great milestone. You made it this far and you always entertain us with these posts. I like your quotes at this blog. Keep it up. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’d love to keep quotes going but I just ran out of time to find interesting ones and I really didn’t want to just put up quotes that were already all over the internet. Maybe I’ll have to spend some time on my next break gathering a bunch and start the quote again.

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