Formally Taking a Break

It should be obvious to regular readers that I disappeared for a bit there. Mostly I have been taking stock of my life, working on my health and just taking some time for me.

This has resulted in the decision to take a longer break from the blog. It coincides with some major life changes including plans to move from the tiny rural town I have called home for over a decade.

I can’t say when I will be back or whether I will definitely return but I do know I am keeping the blog online as well as keeping the domain and I hope that one day I will be back.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have made the past years so memorable and I wish you well.

I will also be ending my twitter account but you can still reach me via Facebook or the contact here on the blog.

Love to all my readers


18 thoughts on “Formally Taking a Break

  1. It’s good to hear from you!

    Sounds like you have a good handle on things.

    If you chose to return, I’ll be more than happy to read more of your work. If you don’t, you’ve already enriched the internet with your posts.

    Though you have such a way with words, I think whatever you decide to do, it’ll involve writing!

    FWIW: I moved from a rural town into a city. Once I got used to it, I can honestly say I like it better! For one thing, it’s not nearly as far to hospitals! Though it’s far too close to fast food…

    Thanks much for the update, and I hope the move goes well!

    1. Yeah, currently being three hours from the closest takeaway has made it easy not to indulge. Different story when I live closer to everything.

      Thanks for your kind words and all your support, both for the blog and myself.

  2. Hi Karandi – it’s great to hear from you, as yours was one of the first anime-related blogs (along with Irina’s) that I read on an ongoing basis, and I have been thinking about you a lot and hoping you are okay. I hope the changes you are able to make, including the move, are beneficial for you and that you are able to one day make your way back to the blog. Go well, B.

  3. Oh, thank goodness you’re ok! You have certainly earned as long a break as you want. I hope your move goes well and that you really like your new home! A fresh start can be a great thing

    1. I didn’t mean to go dark again but it hasn’t been a great time the last few years. I think everyone has had a rough couple of years and feeling a bit tired and over it. I need to take some time and just do something different somewhere different for awhile.

  4. Yeah, just yesterday I was wondering where you had been. I totally understand wanting to take a breather from blogging. Keeping posts up to date can be really time consuming. I hope you find a happy new place to call home and that you take great care of yourself! And I’m looking forward to when everything is right for you to maybe blog again.

  5. It’s nice to hear that you’re still around. Hope the move goes well and that you are looking after yourself.

    I’m sure many of us will still be here when and if you decide to make a return. It’s not the same without you.

    1. It has been a hard decision to make but the last few years have pushed me to make some changes. Unfortunately I can only give the blog the time and attention it needs when I have a settled routine.

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