Food Wars Season 2 Episode 13


They at least ended the next challenge before the season ended. That was nice of them. And Yukihira even learned something. Also nice. My real issue is that this episode lacked any kind of tension. Actually most of this season has. You can only threaten expulsion so many times before it ceases to feel like a consequence of any merit and in this case Yukihira wasn’t even close to failure. The fact that all the other members of the dorm returned is all but inconsequential when most of them have barely been bit characters during the season (in honesty I can’t even remember some of their names it has been so long since they’ve served any purpose). So, the episode is functional and brings things to a good resting point but that’s about all it’s doing. With the exception of an interesting visual metaphor that didn’t involve clothes blowing off.

Food Wars13b.PNG

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