Food Wars Season 2 Episode 1


For those who haven’t seen the first season (go watch it), Food Wars is about Yukihira Soma being sent to a super elite cooking school where in true anime fashion he essentially declares war on all of his classmates by telling them he is going to be number one. That said, most of this show is about cooking (and food making character’s lose their clothes).


I was late coming into season 1 of Food Wars because I hate reality TV shows, cooking shows, and anime that focus on competitions (The Asterisk War was an exception and even then the duels were my least favourite parts). When I watched season 1 I just got totally hooked by it. Yeah, I hate a lot of the characters (they are supposed to be hated) and you always know that somehow Soma is going to win (given the show would be unable to continue if he actually got himself expelled) and the reactions to eating food are way over the top, but, the comedy works, the food looks amazing and there is great pacing.

So what does season 2 offer us in this first episode? We’re straight into a match-up we’ve all wanted to see ever since Alice showed her smug little face back at the training camp. And they are making, Bentos. So who is going to win? The smug girl who only cares about the chemical structure of food or the guy who worked in a diner his whole life? Gee, I wonder.

Well over my word limit but bottom line is this, if you liked season one you will continue to enjoy this as it is more of the same.

Food Wars is available on Crunchyroll.

6 thoughts on “Food Wars Season 2 Episode 1

  1. As Alice is one of my favourites, this first episode was a particular delight and boy is back with gusto. What appeals to me most about the show, other than all that tasty food, of course, is the fact it’s pure shonen action satire.

    1. Yes, I absolutely love the over-the-top nature of their ‘battles’ and the odd dialogue between the character while prepping their food. The whole thing is delightfully silly.

  2. Haven’t started Season 2, but based on your review, it sounds promising. I can’t wait to start salivating over their brilliant-visualized food again.

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