Food Wars Episode 6


Should the episode be accused of lacking tension because the outcome was inevitable? Probably not. However, it really did feel like it was marking time until the tasting. I was hoping they wouldn’t stretch this contest the whole episode and we could move forward, but instead they milked this battle to the last minute where we get a wonderful moment from the Queen of snobbishness herself who clearly hasn’t learned a thing from all her lofty observation. Aldini’s reaction was reaction was pretty well played though and worked well for his character. I guess, this episode works well and does what it needs to, but there just isn’t enough happening this season. The setting is always the same and the episodes have become even more formulaic than season 1. Plus, what was with the whole theme park fantasy? Okay, at least no one lost their clothing, but this was a whole other level of weird.

Food Wars6a

Did I like this episode? I don’t think I did. There were times when I was actively wanting it to move on.

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