Food Wars Episode 2 + 3

Review Episode 2:

This week brings us the next match up in their cooking competition. Megumi faces Ryo and they’re competing over ramen. I must say that Megumi is far and away my favourite member of the cast and it is with pleasure that we see her finally find her place in the kitchen, quietly determined and doing things her own way. Ryo however has been something of an enigma and what little personality he get’s this episode doesn’t make him particularly likeable. As always, the food looks amazing, but unlike last week they aren’t in a hurry to wrap this battle up. On a critical note, the visual metaphors for this cooking fight got particularly silly but at least most characters kept their clothes on.

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On its own merit this episode is neither good nor bad. If you like the show, this is good enough, but newcomers will probably be wondering what all the hype has been about.

Review Episode 3:


The previous match is decided, we meet the next round contenders as they all declare they can’t lose and watch another match. They are really trying to steam roll through these matches. Not that I mind not watching an entire season of individual duels but it would be nice to see a few more character interactions outside of the kitchen. This episode does get the honour of being one of the few where the students are actually gracious to the loser of a match in what seems to be a highly out of character turn of events but a welcome change from the usual elitist hostilities. All and all, I’m not finding this second season as charming as the first but it is still enjoyable enough.

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  1. I agree that the first 3 episodes of the second season haven’t quite returned to the form of the first but that it’s still entertaining. I’d probably attribute it to how much time we spent in the tournament arc at the end of the first season – to then transition into these episodes, it just feels never-ending. Not enough character moments and interactions and too much play by play cooking. I’m looking forward to next episode because it’s made out to be a bit more of a grudge match than what we’ve seen before but I also think they dehumanized Subaru a bit too much for me to take him all that seriously.

    1. Yeah, and he isn’t someone we really knew from season one and to be perfectly frank he doesn’t seem like someone I want to get to know in this series. Hoping they pass on to the next thing quickly.

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