Food Wars Episode 11


From a story point of view, this episode is more interesting. We have a new challenge with new rules in a new location and we seem to be progressing beyond just creating great food and now we’re actually focussing on practical cooking. And there in lies the problem with this episode. Erina. She so would have been fired if she pulled that attitude off in any restaurant. It does not matter how good you are. The chef should have shown her the door, causing her expulsion and thus ending any further need to deal with such an arrogant and unlikable character.

Soma was paired up with Arato (the secretary) and I really don’t like Arato as a character but I found the two of them worked well together and quite enjoyed the parts of the episode that followed these two.

I am looking forward to the next placement.

Food Wars is available on Crunchyroll.

5 thoughts on “Food Wars Episode 11

  1. I agree, Erina’s pompous attitude is just too much. Even if she has the “god tongue”; realistically she should’ve been shown the door. I thought that having Megumi paired with her wasn’t going to be a good match. However, I’m glad that Erina recognized Megumi’s talents and came to back her up even if she had only been doing menial tasks.

    Also, side note: do you have any tips on how to write episodic reviews? I’m in the process of starting one, but I feel like I’m getting too caught up on the story telling versus my thoughts. πŸ™‚ any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I think everyone needs to find their own style. Some bloggers do focus more on summarising the episode, I just kind of give my initial thoughts about it. Then again, I purposely try to limit the post to 100 words for episodes which means there isn’t a lot of space for anything else (which might be why I blow that word limit on every second episode post).

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