Food Wars Episode 10


If you don’t know who won, stop reading and go watch the episode.

Is it wrong that I’m glad Akira won the election? Soma winning would have been ridiculous given the skill gap from the beginning. And then the do over. Serve your final dish in the first place. With Ryo, I just don’t like him very much as a character. Although, he and Alice do get some great moments. Her punching him in the back when he lost, him screaming at her, and then Alice storming off in a huff was one of the better moments in the episode. It was nice that Soma’s dad contacted him though I still have to question his method of parenting.

Lastly, see if we can finish the thought below.

Food Wars10b.JPG

I know the answer the show gives us but I started laughing when this line came along because I thought of a lot of ways this could be finished off.

Anyway, Food Wars is available on Crunchyroll and after 10 episodes we have finally finished this particularly cooking competition. It was kind of starting to remind me of The Asterisk War.

2 thoughts on “Food Wars Episode 10

  1. I had to stop reading since I don’t know who wins. I know you were having mixed feelings last time about this series. So, in your humble opinion, is it worth the watch?

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