Flying Witch Episode 4


A witch moves in with her relatives as part of her training and… that’s about it.

Review of Episode 4:

Flying Witch is a sweet, slice of life anime with a little bit of magic realism thrown in. Episodes 3 and 4 have given us a little bit more of a taste of magic and both episodes have been stronger because of it however there still isn’t much of anything occurring in the daily lives of our characters. They go view cherry blossoms, eat a lot of food, have a photo op, visit a haunted house, and run into another witch who has a magical problem. Everybody is sweet and happy (even when not initially introduced that way) and life goes on.

If I’m honest, I don’t know how many more episodes of Flying Witch I will watch. While I’m not disliking the show, there isn’t really enough happening to keep me wanting to come back.

Flying Witch is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

7 thoughts on “Flying Witch Episode 4

  1. I pretty much dropped Flying Witch for the same reasons you mentioned. I dropped it at episode 6 though; throughout all I watched, I was disappointed that there wasn’t more of a focus on the magic as well. It felt like it had a number of the right elements to be something special too, but it just didn’t end up that way. I know some people really liked it, but I guess we can count each other out lol!

      1. Yeah. I was recommended this show by a friend, and usually he recommends some pretty awesome stuff. This show, however, wasn’t exactly up to snuff. I feel part of my issue though is that I went into it with higher expectations than I should, since it was a recommendation from a friend.

  2. I like Flying Witch for its slow pace actually! It’s not for everyone I suppose and the series doesn’t really have any substance so to speak. It’s just the slice of life kind of thing where we see characters go about with their lives and in this case, it has a more laid-back feel.

    Are you still watching this series?

    1. I’ve kind of put it on hold until the end of the series. I can usually handle slice of life in a block (particularly if I’m just wanting a nice mellow evening) but there just isn’t enough happening to keep me coming back week to week. And there isn’t anything wrong with Flying Witch other than the slow pace. The characters are really sweet and it’s very pretty but I just couldn’t keep going for the time being.

  3. Flying Witch is an acquired taste. Because its slow and has very little going on, it can leave some who want more out of it. Keep up the posts!!! :D.

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