Flip Flappers Episode 9


Flip Flappers Episode 9 Review:

Was it just me, or did we feel closer to getting a reveal in Flip Flappers this week? Not that we actually had a reveal that makes anything make sense but we finally saw some back story about why Yayaka is so hung up on Cocona and the fact that their relationship was orchestrated in the first place (meaning there really is some reason why it had to be Cocona).

Papika also kind of has some kind of awakening with regards to her memories so possibly we’re going to finally learn what her deal is in the next episode. This show continues to tip-toe around the edges of making sense without actually taking the plunge but this is probably the first episode that has given me real hope that there is a plan for this to all come together.

On a character note though, I do have to wonder if Cocona is just prone to following any random exuberant kid who takes her hand and drags her out of her comfort zone.

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2 thoughts on “Flip Flappers Episode 9

  1. It’s not just you. I feel that we’re getting closer to something more concrete too. Rightfully so seeing how we only have a few episodes left

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