Flip Flappers Episode 4


Flip Flappers Episode 4 Review:

They really are pushing the Alice in Wonderland theme at times and the inclusion of a tea drinking scene and the design of Papika’s ‘house’ just kind of reinforced that this episode. Of course, they are also pushing all and any symbolism to do with illusion and the idea of two things being one. At least the symbolism and themes are consistent as the story is all over the place and the pace doesn’t know whether it is going full speed or just chilling by the side of the road.

This episode hit us hard with the cliché of two characters being asked to live together before the opening theme had even played but then managed to breathe some life into the trope when we see Papika’s house and then the girls go on a bit of a trip (and for once not into Pure Illusion although we’ll clearly be heading there next episode).

I’ve decided now that I’m definitely wanting to know where this show is going. Other than the still images we get of the school and other students from time to time as transitions, it’s pretty and vibrant and while the story is still fairly ambiguous there’s enough cohesion to enjoy going for a ride with these characters.

That said, I’m really hoping Yayaka (or whatever her name is) has a better goal than world domination.

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