Flip Flappers Episode 11


Flip Flappers Episode 11 Review:

Any hope I had of Flip Flappers coming to something resembling a satisfactory resolution was dashed to little pieces (or rather exploded in a flowery mess) after watching this episode. While as visually tantalizing as ever, Flip Flappers essentially info dumped the whole plot up to now into one episode (and in the process eliminated the need for at least 60% of everything we’d seen prior) and then set up for an action-type show down in the next episode.

Or maybe it will be a battle of wills. Either way Cocona fighting her mother for control of Pure Illusion or her body doesn’t seem like a particularly interesting way to end this. And that shady cult turned out to be worse than useless. They don’t even serve as a red-herring to the plot. More like the Team Rocket of the show when all is said and done and that really isn’t a compliment.


I think the worst part is Mimi herself. Seriously, the way she ditched Salt at the drop of a hat on three separate occasions just kind of makes me really dislike her as an individual. Even if she did deliberately give him the amorphous as part of some attempt for her non-evil personality to help out in the final round, she did it by stabbing him through the hand.

Oh well. It will be over soon and at least it has the ‘ooh, pretty’ factor to sell itself on.

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Karandi James

3 thoughts on “Flip Flappers Episode 11

  1. There are going to be 13 episode all together, so I believe that two more episodes should be enough time to fully explain everything in an effective way. This series has amazed me so far and I hoping the conclusion does the same.

    1. In this case I’m not even sure I care if it resolves given the whole Mimi villain thing came literally out of nowhere and all the other questions and possible villains have just been cast aside.

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