Flip Flappers Episode 10


Not sure if this episode of Flip Flappers clarified or if it just made things more confusing. We kind of vaguely know who Mimi was, though we still don’t know why she could go to Pure Illusion, or why she was being experimented on, or why she needs a partner to go to Pure Illusion or… you know what, we know nothing other than she’s related to Cocona and made friends with Papika. I will say that the episodes have become much more linear and less confusing in and of themselves over the last couple of weeks and this one was fairly straightforward in that the base is attacked, Papika and Cocona escape, and then Cocona returns home. Even if the grandmother hadn’t turned out to be part of everything (which was pretty obvious given how Cocona met Yayaka etc) surely someone as supposedly smart as Cocona could have figured out that if you are being pursued home is not a safe place to go.

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6 thoughts on “Flip Flappers Episode 10

  1. I guess Cocona’s diligence in studies doesn’t mean a hill of beans if she’s going to keep acting impulsively as well as behaving like a child.

    A case of…book smarts vs street smarts, I guess?

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