Flip Flappers Episodes 1 + 2


Flip Flappers Overview:

Cocona is a bright girl who is uncertain about her future, however, while wondering which path to take she encounters Papika and thus begins Flip Flappers.

Review Episode 1:

Okay, having watched the whole of episode 1, I’m still kind of clueless about who anyone is or what they want or where we are going with this story (or why the robot was pulling at the girls’ skirts earlier in the episodes).

There’s the typical girl taking her practice exam and agonising over her future and then, after the free spirited Papika runs into her they go into a tunnel but really kind of end up in some-sort of other dimension where they play in the snow before they have to chase down some snow trees (because smart girl’s glasses ended up on them), and then there’s a transformation, a hug, and finally a kidnapping. I’m lost. I have no idea. I was really engaged while watching. That said, episode 2 really needs to give us something resembling an explanation.

Review Episode 2:


So still no idea what’s going on other than they are collecting shard things and they only go to the magic world place when they both feel the same way. This show is incredibly light on explanation but it’s also very good at distracting you from thinking about it.

It’s very similar to Alice in Wonderland in that stuff just keeps happening and Alice is forced to deal with things as they come whether they make sense or not. Throw in the interesting visuals and sense of pace this show is keeping (even though not a lot is happening it feels like it is which is interesting in itself) and you have a show that hooks you in even as you stare puzzled at the screen.

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Karandi James

4 thoughts on “Flip Flappers Episodes 1 + 2

  1. Unfortunately I’m one of those people who needs a dramatic center to get invested in the show. I watched the first episode, and it was kind of amusing and whimsical, but I, like Cocona, wasn’t interested in any more. Not to mention the jungle of unanswered questions about character motivations (Papika) and about the show’s world (mysterious context and characters) that I don’t feel like jumping into.

    1. I fully understand where you are coming from. Part of me is feeling that if we aren’t given some little ideas soon I may end up giving up on this one out of frustration. While I’m fine with elements of mystery and delayed reveals I am not fine with no clues and no way to determine what is important and what is just two girls messing about in a different dimension.

  2. This sounds pretty interesting….a show that gives no clues as to where it appears to be going. Liking this already, love watching things where you have to wrack your brain. Thanks for putting this one up 😀

    1. I’ll be fine with this as long as it goes somewhere and doesn’t just continue with weird things happening for the sake of it. Unfortunately you have to watch through it to find that out first.
      That said, these first two episodes have been pretty entertaining even if I still don’t get where they are going.

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