Five Months Blogging

It’s kind of fun to think that in one more month I’ll have been at this for half a year. So reflections on September.

I added in the ‘In Case You Missed It‘ post on Monday where I’ve been sharing some links to anime blog posts that caught my eye during the week. This has been great for me to reflect on what I’ve been reading and the comments have been very positive so I’ll keep going with this for the time being.

As few days ago I hit post number 500 which seems really impossible. I know a lot of my posts are short because of the self-imposed 100 word target but that still seems like a lot of posts. September also saw my 50th anime review for a series. It was really hard picking the series for that one but I ended up going with Soul Eater which is one of all time favourites.

Other than that though, September has been a fairly settled month with me being able to stick to my posting schedule and basically covering everything I wanted to cover.

So what does October have in store?

I’m going to continue with my Tuesday’s Top 5 lists as this is becoming one of my favourite posts to write. Admittedly, thinking of a new topic and one I haven’t just read on three or four other blogs is challenging at times but I always have fun contemplating who or what should be on the list and I love hearing the responses and the reasons why other people or anime should have been on the list.

Friday’s Feature is also going to continue though this one is much harder to write. Some weeks I get a great flash of inspiration and other weeks I am really struggling to think of a topic to cover and then I wonder if I actually had anything meaningful to say or if I was just wasting space on the internet (though if that is a concern I’m certain there are worse things than an occasionally boring blog post).

I’ll also keep going with my season overviews on Saturday as we move in to the Autumn series. Though, on that note, I really don’t know what I’m going to be watching yet. Certainly I’ve checked out the titles and been reading the thoughts others have posted, but I’m pretty sure I’m just going to try a bit of everything and see what sticks, much like I did during the Summer season.

As the Summer shows wrap up I will start doing full series reviews on them but I’m going to give myself a few week’s reflection time before they start, so probably mid to late October. Until then, I’ll just be reviewing whatever show strikes my fancy as I normally do (though if you have requests please let me know).

Looking forward to still being here in a months time and to continuing to meet other anime fans online. Let’s go October.

11 thoughts on “Five Months Blogging

  1. Another hearty congratulations! It’s hard to believe you’ve only been blogging for five months. It feels as though you’ve been part of this vibrant community for so much longer (in the best way possible, of course).

    Glad to hear you’re keeping up with the In Case You Missed It posts, there’s always at least one post that would have slipped under my radar otherwise.
    I’m eternally impressed that you find new and interesting topics every week for your Tuesday Top 5, so bravo there.

    Looking forward to your whole reviews of the summer season, as I stopped reading your episodic reviews to save from spoilers (as I fell so far behind >.<)
    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. I’m going to start those toward the end of the month to give myself some space (and maybe to think of a positive I can put in about Taboo Tattoo but I’m not hopeful on that one).

  2. Congrats on reaching 5 months and 500 posts all in one go, your workload is insane, I’m so astounded. I tip my hat to you! Especially when you do long reviews, and really interesting posts aside your daily anime episodes~
    I’m sure you’ll reach the first year with 1000 posts or more ヽ(^Д^)ノ

  3. I can only do minimum of 2 posts a month due to my busy life. I think that would be the maximum I can go although I want to post more. Well anyways, congratulations on reaching 500 posts dood.

  4. WOW! 500!!!

    I think I need to take a queue from you and start doing shorter reviews for specific things… possibly tv show episodes or anime episodes.

  5. You managed to hit 500 posts and you’ve only been blogging for 5 months. Wow, that’s crazy impressive. In February it will be three years of us blogging. and we’ve barely even brushed 200 posts. Let that sink it. lol We also approaching one year via wordpress in I think November or December. So, we’re still fairly new here.

    congrats once again.

    1. I think the fact that most of my posts are barely 100 words kind of helps. It’s only really the features and lists that take a while to write.

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