First Love Monster Episode 1


Rich pampered girl moves into apartment and meets random guy (who saves her life) so of course she falls in love. Then, after confessing, she finds out he is in grade 5.


This show clearly demonstrates why love at first sight is a stupid notion in stories and characters who don’t change their minds out of some desire to progress a non-plot are idiotic. Girl in this (don’t remember her name) kind of reminded me of Ririchiyo from Inu X Boku but at least Ririchiyo was book smart. This girl is a moron and her decision to go through with a relationship even after learning the facts makes no sense even in anime logic land. That’s the first half. Then we are subjected to Mr Grade 5 (who looks much older as do his two friends but no one else) acting like a kid which only further makes the relationship they are trying to set up seem awkward. I didn’t finish episode one and I won’t be going back for a second dose.

I know there are anime out there with worse storylines but this doesn’t even offer us an interesting character to hold onto while the plot decides to sink itself.

First Love Monster is available on AnimeLab.

4 thoughts on “First Love Monster Episode 1

  1. I was going to watch just to see if there was anything worth it but reviews like this one make me believe that I will be wasting my time. So I definitely won’t watch this show.

    1. I actually read a review where the reviewer liked the show and found the characters interesting – I still don’t see it myself.

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