First Impressions Gakuen Heaven


Keita, a self-confessed Joe Average get’s admitted into Bell Liberty Academy for boys for reasons that have yet to be explained. And that’s all I’ve got.

First Impressions:

So, while waiting for a new episode of one of the shows I am still following this season, I came upon this release from Crunchyroll. I’d heard of it before but had never had the opportunity to watch it and as the whole series was up it seemed like a good chance to check it out. My first impressions are not overly favourable but not particularly disappointed either. Keita is as ordinary as they come and the various pretty boys around the school are pretty much what you expect. Smart guy, fun guy, sporty guy, whatever. Almost nothing happens in the first episode. Keita’s on a bus wondering about his transfer and then we jump from group to group at the school as we meet the various characters in a series of thinly connected vignettes and finally the student who has gone to pick up Keita makes an idiotic choice and crashes his motorbike. The animation is pretty ordinary and the character designs aren’t doing much for me, so unless the plot picks up or I end up liking some of these characters that at the moment are simply archetypes with no real identity, I’m probably not going to make it through the 13 episodes. We’ll see how that goes. I’ll review the whole series (or as much as I watch of it) later.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions Gakuen Heaven

  1. I agree with HiJackedCat. I remember when this came out and I really liked it (though I liked pretty much whatever BL anime that was out at that time). I remember I also played the game, which was, again, mildly interesting, but nothing more.

  2. This was one of those anime’s you had to have seen back when there weren’t many BL adaptions, so we liked anything that came out.
    It’s nice and sweet enough, but it’s not particularly brilliant or mind blowing, so I can totally understand not being wowed and be able to finish it (^v^)

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