Fire Force Episode 23 & 24 – 12 Years Ago

Wait what, two episodes!! How is that fair?!?. I can hardly make reasonable posts for one episode now tow!!!! And I bet you can imagine what this did to my screencaps post!

Phfffth…two episodes. Who does that?! Am I the only one who really liked it?

What I Thought Would Happen

Well, I certainly didn’t think we would get two episodes! OK, I need to get over that already.

For real though, I thought the season would end with the rescue of Sho but the Evangelist threat still looming and perhaps stronger and more urgent than ever. We got introduced to a very powerful seeming new baddie in episode 22 so there was nothing to say that there isn’t an entire rogue gallery of White Hoods we haven’t yet encountered that make Sho seem like the child he is.

I didn’t think this would be a standalone type of season as everything was pointing to this being a season 1 of many but I figured we would get some type of resolution.

Fire Force ep23-2 (7)

I thought you would!

What Did Happen

Surprisingly Shinra managed to win over his little brother but the victory was extremely short-lived. Not only had Shinra seriously injured himself in the process, but the Evangelist forces came in for the final blow and Haumea really is terrifyingly strong.Thankfully Shinra isn’t alone either and the rest of company 8 managed to make it in time to rescue him but not Sho.Shinra is rushed to the hospital and the next episode starts. Shinra does manage to recover but it’s a close call. While getting his strength back, he is visited at the hospital by Burns who finally seems ready to tell him about what happened 12 years ago. No before some gruelling combat with a young man in critical care that is. Boys! It seems that Burns really was keeping the truth from Shinra but mostly because he beloved, it would protect the boy who had clearly suffered a very intense shock at the time. In reality, the incident had been caused by Sho’s awakening powers and the infernal Shinra had had nightmares about for all these years, was what had become of his loving mother.Although the White Hoods were involved on some level, the monster that Shinra has been chasing for all these years simply doesn’t exist and he must now figure out what to do next. It’s a bit depressing. But first, Company 8 is going to throw him a welcome back party!

Fire Force ep24-8 (3)

some people like to pregame

What About the Characters

We finally got to learn a bit about Burns and I must say, he isn’t what I was expecting. This is a guy who lied to Shinra all these years, kept quiet about the existence of the White Hoods when so many lives were potentially at stake and didn’t even detect the presence of a turncoat in his own company. Benimaru, Obi and even Hibana would have figured that stuff out in an instant.But he didn’t strike me as a traitor. He didn’t even come off as extremely suspicious like Vincent. If anything, I was left with the impression that this was a strong fighter and talented pyrokinetic but otherwise a rather simple man. Maybe even a bit naive. Someone that just not good at grasping the Big Picture. That’s a pretty hilarious gap between my perception of the character and the design and presentation in Fire Force. I really like it.The closing tag allowed the audience to take a final look at all the important characters pf the season and they all got to act in very exemplary ways. There was one notable exception though.

Fire Force ep24-3 (1)

why do I have a feeling this is what Arthur will turn out like?

What I Liked

I’m lumping the two episodes together and that’s sort of something I liked about it. As one continuous narrative, it worked well with the quieter and more sombre moments that got balanced out by the early action and the last minute cheer. For all the whining I did, I think it enhanced my viewing experience.It was surprisingly serious and there were a lot of very interesting questions brought up by the episode.One is that Sho was really small 12 years ago. His father should have been around not that long before that. Meaning there’s a good chance that Shinra would remember his dad. I’m assuming that Sho and Shinra have the same dad since they look a lot like each other in ways that don’t resemble their mother at all. The mystery of Shinra’s dad is interesting.Also, it seems that no one can look directly at the Evangelist. No one aside from Sho and Shinra that is. Maybe all holders of an Adolla flame can. They didn’t go into it but that’s another mystery.I also called Burns naive just a few paragraphs ago but he’s still not telling us all he knows. He may not even be fully aware of all he knows, mind you… It appears he could sense Shinra’s Adolla flame right away, even when it was extremely weak. We haven’t seen any other characters do that. Even most of the White Hoods didn’t know until they were told. How?All of these are great set up for a second season and makes me think the series is likely to get stronger rather than weaker.I also really enjoyed that the best way to fight Haumea’s crazy was with Arthur’s crazy. In these last few arcs, Fire Force has carefully positioned Arthur’s character to take on more importance and significance without really revealing much about him at all. It’s a good move and since I like the character, I appreciate that.Only Sho and flashback Shinra cried in these episodes and it was in very understandable circumstances.

Finally, both episodes looked really great!

Fire Force ep23-3 (4)

he’s been through a lot

What I Liked Less

I think the biggest problem with the closing episodes of Fire Force season 1, is that they lacked any sort of closure. To me, they didn’t even satisfyingly tie up the arc. I know that a second season has already been announced and the episodes may have been put together with that knowledge already secure, but it still left me feeling like things were unsettled.In fact, aside from the closing tag, I would say both episodes were almost entirely set up. It’s not the worse way to go but it’s a bit unsatisfying for a wrap-up.There wasn’t enough Maki although admittedly the time she was there, was delightful.

Fire Force ep24-6 (2)

not enough ladies in this post

Closing Thoughts

As the season wore on, I could see how Fire Force perfected itself as a series. It found it’s footing and the interplay between characters evened out. It’s still a show with a playful and adventurous production that tries a lot of things with both the technical and narrative aspects of the series. These can be hit or miss but it also means that Fire Force has the potential of becoming something fairly unique.

I am rather happy I stuck with the show and I will be watching next season. Will any of you?

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6 thoughts on “Fire Force Episode 23 & 24 – 12 Years Ago

  1. “I am rather happy I stuck with the show and I will be watching next season. Will any of you?”

    Yep! The second half of the season played out very well, and I’m looking forward to the next season. I even liked the first half of this season, but I liked it in spite of itself.

    I think we all know its problem. Which is too bad because aside a few moments, I liked Tamaki.

    But in the second half, I think the show got out of its own way. Some of the battles, like Takehisa versus Arrow, were fantastic.

    Interesting that you’re wondering about Shinra and Sho’s father. I’m so used to anime parents being absent that I didn’t even notice, but I think you’re onto something. Now I’m looking forward to season 2 even more!

    1. I think it’s gotta be significant. Adolla seems to go along bloodlines and all…

      I also like Tamaki but without development she’s sort of too redundant with the other characters.

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