Fire Force Episode 22 – Kill ’em With Kindness

I think these last few episodes of Fire Force should really have been watched in one sitting. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying them individually but I feel like they are telling one integral bit of story, almost like a single scene. You can see it in the visuals, I have my gallery post here for a refresher.

Considering the last few episodes were fantastic, I’m betting you can tell how this review is going to go!

Fire Force ep22-4 (4) No one looks good when they’re going full speed

What I Thought Would Happen

Oddly, I thought we would step away from Shinra and Sho and catch up with everyone else. May tie up the Lisa character arc, situate all the other characters. Make sure the people that were wounded in the last few episodes are o.k.

I also thought this would be a good time to give us a bit of an insight on the Evangelist’s plans and tell us where the enemies are and how many there are. Basically, lay all the map out in preparation for the final few episodes where we could go back to Shinra and Sho and get ready for the final showdown. (Shodown…it was right there – how could I resist?)

What Did Happen

This was a continuation of Sho and Shinra’s fight with the emphasis on Shinra’s emotional attachment to the situation and his deep-rooted need to have his brother find some hope.Fire Force also took the opportunity to use Victor’s presence as an excuse for scientific babble explanation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for adding quantum physics to every story, including this one. I just wondered if other viewers were rolling their eyes at this. But not me, I loved it. It’s important that I make this point clear.So although we still don’t quite know what the Evangelist wants, we are starting to understand what is going on just a bit and getting a much better grasp on the third generation’s powers. There was a mention of this being the birth of the 4th generation but, I mean, that’s not how babies are made…

Fire Force ep22-5 (1) not sure how I feel about the feather

What About the Characters

Fire Force is slowly going about softening Sho. This was an expected development and I really don’t see how it could have gone about any differently. Normally, this isn’t my favourite. I sort of like when a narrative has the chutzpah to create unrepentant characters were supposed to care for. However, in this case,  I’m falling for it. Maybe it’s because Sho is still essentially a blank slate and as such any personality twist they give him doesn’t really clash with the pre-established character.I mentioned it in my gallery post but the short view of the Evangelist was striking. I think what I liked most about it was how it conflicted with the information we’ve been given, or lead to assume. Sho doesn’t seem scared, intimidated or even fanatical around the Evangelist. The little visual cue we were given all seems to point towards a deeply respectful but mutually beneficial relationship. Most of the white hoods seem unhinged but not mistreated. If Fire Force is hoping to create an anti-villain or at least a morally ambiguous one, this is a strong start.So far the Evangelist is more like a feeling than a character but they manage to make him very intriguing from a few seconds of silent screen time.

Fire Force ep22-6 (4) we didn’t get to know the 1st as much as I would like

What I Liked

The visuals! Both fights were breathtaking but for me, the Sho encounter took the cake. The light in these scenes was downright amazing.

After half a season of being just about unstoppable and amazing at everything, Shinra has been getting quite a few lessons in humility lately. I also like that a lot. It hasn’t slowed him down one bit, to the contrary.

I adored that Obi had brought a good old fashion fire extinguisher with him. That’s basically Obi’s entire character right there!

The episode was mostly action and stunning production and I find myself at a loss to really put it into words. I really loved watching it, maybe even more so than last week’s episode and that’s saying something. But I don’t have much to write about.

What I Liked Less

I don’t think there was anything wrong with this episode. At least, I wouldn’t have changed anything. Maybe it’s dragging on a bit… Although even that isn’t a complaint.

Fire Force ep22-2 (2) Symmetry!

Closing Thoughts

It’s a little sad to me that the least interesting part of Fire Force (in my opinion) seems to be getting the most attention. It’s a solidly made action shonen with a few flaws. This episode was not one of those flaws. It was action-packed, emotional and intriguing. It made me want a sibling again.

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Images from: Fire Force. Dir. Y Yase. David Production. 2019.



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