Fire Force Episode 21 – Like a Moth to a Flame

The end of the season is really sneaking up on me. Not that Fire Force is over or anything, but I just wrote a bunch of final episode reviews and I’m sort of still surprised about it. This said Fire Force is also rearing up to its climax. I certainly think they are not letting up as far as the production game goes, you can read all about it in my gallery review HERE, but how about the narrative?

Fire Force ep21-4 (3) easing you into this episode…

What I Thought Would Happen

I thought we were going to get a resolution to Lisa’s character arc. You know, it was going to be a big drawn-out fight with Obi and Vulcan. At some point, it was going to look really grim for our heroes. Obi was going to show an amazing feat of physical resilience. Vulcan was going to make a resonating emotional speech about the importance of family whether biological or found. Lisa would then hesitate at a critical moment.

In the end, she would help them and be wracked with guilt about having attacked at all but through the power of compassion and love, she would find the strength to forgive herself and join the 8th on this final quest to strike at the heart of the Evangelist.

Or something like that. It’s not like I had it all worked out to the finest detail.

What Did Happen

I guess Lisa did hesitate and Obi did show some physical resilience although it was mostly his suit. But Lisa didn’t repent. Not yet anyway. Besides, that whole scene was just the appetizer. The real main course was Shinra and Sho’sTurns out the whole point of luring the 8th into the tunnels was to have Shinra and Sho meet up once again and everything is going exactly according to the Evangelist’s plan. As Shinra, with Victor still in tow, is almost compelled to barge into Sho’s chamber and the two brothers once again fight it out.That’s it, the entire episode is essentially one short fight and one long one. And it’s really good…

Fire Force ep21-5 (20) shocking, I know!

What About the Characters

I love that it’s Victor in that chamber with Shinra…I might be jumping the gun. Oh yeah, Lisa is all fragile and conflicted but deep down innocent. Yadda yadda. I’ll talk more about her character a bit later. Oddly, Vulcan and Obi didn’t actually get to do that much. I mean they did act but we didn’t really get to learn anything new about them. Except that Vulcan has an amazing penguin suit so I guess that’s awesome!

OK, back to Shinra, Sho and Victor. Shinra and Sho have an obviously complicated relationship which is difficult to appreciate for the audience since so far, we really only get to see it from Shinra’s point of view. Sho is a bit of an unknown for now.

And yet, Victor is the truly inscrutable one. Shinra is all about helping out the Fire Force, stopping the Evangelist and saving his brother’s soul or s9omething. Sho is about furthering the Evangelist’s plans and getting his brother out of the way, crushing his spirits if necessary.

Victor is all about….. He certainly thinks seeing two adolla flame bearers fight it out in front of him is super cool, and a little scary. Victor has helped out Shinra on more than one occasion and for some reason, I think he would do so again if the chance presented itself. But I also don’t think he cares that much about the plans and ideals of either the Fire Force or the Evangelist. Yet he does know a lot. Details that would only be available to someone fairly high up in one, or both, of these organizations. He hasn’t shown himself to be particularly ambitious or greedy, so how would he have gotten in such a position if it wasn’t through passion. We don’t really know about his scientific accomplishments yet.By having such a wildcard character in a precarious situation with two emotionally charged and well-established ones, you really do open the door to just about any eventuality. I can’t believe they are managing to keep Victor front and centre like this and still not letting anything slip about him. It’s impressive.Also, I mentioned it in my gallery post but this week, we got to see that Shinra really is a lot more like Arthur than he would care to admit!

Fire Force ep21-5 (14) way to make a 10-year-old menacing

What I Liked

The visuals! Both fights were breathtaking but for me, the Sho encounter took the cake. The light in these scenes was downright amazing.

After half a season of being just about unstoppable and amazing at everything, Shinra has been getting quite a few lessons in humility lately. I also like that a lot. It hasn’t slowed him down one bit, to the contrary.

I adored that Obi had brought a good old fashion fire extinguisher with him. That’s basically Obi’s entire character right there!

The episode was mostly action and stunning production and I find myself at a loss to really put it into words. I really loved watching it, maybe even more so than last week’s episode and that’s saying something. But I don’t have much to write about.

What I Liked Less

The ladies in this show sure do cry a lot and all the time. Even battle-hardened Maki tears up at the drop of a hat. The only one that escapes this is Hibana and only when she is an antagonist. In isolation, this is not a bad thing but the show’s marked preference for vulnerability fanservice does make the girls seem like slight variations of the same person which isn’t as interesting to me. I was hoping Lisa would break the mould.

Otherwise, it was a fine episode. No real complaints here.

Fire Force ep21-5 (8) good work

Closing Thoughts

Fire Force and I simply have different tastes when it comes to certain things. It’s not something I can fault the show for because, in context, it’s done quite well but it’s not my preference. Everything around that though is very much my cup of tea and for some time now, we’ve been getting a lot more of the stuff I really like so I’m psyched to see more.

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2 thoughts on “Fire Force Episode 21 – Like a Moth to a Flame

  1. I can’t say I’m surprised to see Lisa’s tears; the signs were there in the earlier episodes, and for some reason it’s just a thing with this show (and it’s not one of the show’s charm points I have to say).

    I did like that it’s not that easy to break the brainwashing. When you feel dirty for being mean to the nice people, it’s the people who treat you like dirt who really understand you. Being nice works, but you need to be persistent. I’m somewhat impressed that a simple shounen show highlights this over the usual song and dance.

    Licht really is a scientist first and foremost in this episode. Excited at the porspect and working things out on his feet, even though it might kill him.

    And the visuals around Sho’s power were just stunning.

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