Fire Force Episode 2 – The Devil and the Knight

Karandi let me write about Fire Force this week and I almost feel like I owe her a present. This week was impressive to say the least and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Not only was the narrative great but the visuals were a feat. I wouldn’t have realized just how carefully the images had been matched to the beats of the episode if I hadn’t put together the gallery HERE. I encourage you to take a look, it’s one of my favourite visual stories in recent memory.
again with the religious imagery!

What I Thought Would Happen

I thought we would learn even more about Shinra and his tragic past and that another beautifully animated fight with an infernal would take place. I also figured they would find a way to make the girls have an underwear tickle party or something.

What Did Happen

None of that! First we got intorduced to a new character named Arthur who appears to be an old classmate’s of Shinra. We did get a beautifully animated fight but it was training and it was against Maki (who kicked absolute derrière and didn’t even get her shirt ripped). An infernal incident did come up but rather than a violent confrontation, it was a sombre and sad event that left everyone shaken. Shira is slowly realizing the weight of the job he decided to take on.

As the chief pointed out, the most terrifying part of the job, is getting use to it.

What About the Characters

Last week, I was a little scared that Fire Force would turn out to be a one man show and that the ladies were mere window dressing. Completely wrong on both parts! A good deal of focus was given to the newly introduced Arthur. We don’t learn that much about him but his personality is now well established. Shinra took a bit of a step back allowing the rest of the cast to shine, particularly the chief, Maki and Arthur who all had some great hero moments and were built up considerably by the narrative. This is turning into a very good ensemble cast.

The characters that were a little less present never the less each had some quirky moments to wet our appetite and make us want to know more. In Arthur, Shinra has a proper character foil. Their interactions and dynamic was a lot of fun to watch and showed us quite a bit about how each thinks.

What I Liked

Just about everything! I feel like series often start at episode 2. The first episode is more like a showcase and extended trailer to grab attention at the start of a busy season but it’s in the second episode that the narrative finds it’s footing and properly starts building the story. If so Fire Force is set to be one fantastic story.

A lot of unexplained background details seem to hint a rich lore. I remain very intrigued by the religious aspect but now I also want to learn about firemen training. There’s an entire academy dedicated to it, it seems and not everyone sees their role in the same way. Once again, the exposition was woven through the action and comedy in a completely organic manner.

The technical aspects are just exquisite. You can see the pretty pictures in my gallery but beyond that there was once again the use of abrupt scene cuts that guided the narrative flow and changed the mood. I’ve rarely seen such creative editing and so far it’s been very successful. The colour game is masterful. Arthur’s voice actor did a great job and the entire voice cast has fantastic chemistry with each other.

Moreover, the episode played out in roughly four acts all with different tones. The intro (Arthur’s entrance) was slightly tense and mysterious, the fight with Maki was comedic action and even featured some subtle 4th wall breaks, the incident with the infernal was serious and rather tragic while the conclusion was a very bittersweet appeal to hope. Goin through so many shifts in 20 some odd minutes should give you emotional whiplash but it was somehow handled perfectly. I’m speechless.

What I Liked Less

I honestly couldn’t tell you. I guess some of the symbolism is very on the nose?
tomorrow is another day

Closing Thoughts

Considering that 90% of this post was spent gushing on the stuff I liked, there’s no real point in telling you that I enjoyed this week’s Fire Force. It’s a very well made anime with complex and interesting characters and a premise full of potential. Sure, it would be possible to screw it up but considering that my few complaints from episode 1 were completely addressed and my fears for this episode could have been farther from the truth, I have to trust that the creative team behind this series knows exactly what it’s doing.

I can’t wait until next Friday!

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Images from: Fire Force. Dir. Y Yase. David Production. 2019.

7 thoughts on “Fire Force Episode 2 – The Devil and the Knight

  1. Well…I skipped a bit over this post, seeing as I still want to watch it without knowing too much about it, but I did read the last paragraph and hearing you were pretty much gushing over this, I guess I have to move this one up on my to watch list (the same I did with is it wrong to pick up….) 😊

    1. I’m more on the fence with this one. I love some of the ideas this show has but the characters haven’t really won me over yet and I’m not really sure what direction the plot is going to take just yet. Still, it has given us a flashy start and there’s certainly plenty to build off of from these first two episodes.

  2. “The Devil and the Knight”

    I think you mean “The Devil and the Knight _King_!”

    “A lot of unexplained background details seem to hint a rich lore.”

    What was with Iris reaching for the little fire sprite? She’s seen some dark stuff, Iris has…

    “Goin through so many shifts in 20 some odd minutes should give you emotional whiplash but it was somehow handled perfectly. I’m speechless.”

    I’m back to note-taking mode. This writer knows how to plot…

    ” the fight with Maki was comedic action and even featured some subtle 4th wall breaks,”

    It was quick, and usually I dislike that kind of thing, but just like with Saki breaking the fourth wall in Fruit Basket, it worked here. I almost looked behind me to see who Shinra was talking to!

    And the Infernal this episode was just brutal in terms of tragedy…

    Glad you’re reviewing this!

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