Fire Force Episode 19 – In The Mouth of Madness

I consider my Fire Force post from last week a great success so I’ve decided to adopt a similar approach this week. I do hope you enjoy it.

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What I Thought Would Happen

To be honest I had no idea. Last week was a setup episode with very little clues as to what was going to happen next. In general, I know that we have Sho and Joker as great big question marks hanging over everything but that’s about it.My best guess was that company 8 would try to either infiltrate or simply investigate company 5 to try to flush out their connection to the Evangelist.

Fire Force ep19-2 (6) classy sexy dream

What Did Happen

It seems these guys are even more impatient than me! Forget the company 5 connection. Licht (he’s another big question mark) managed to get information that the white hoods may be hiding in the Nether so company 8 decided to just immediately strike at the enemy’s home base!By the way, the Nether seems to be Tokyo’s old abandoned subway system. For some reason, it’s taken on an almost religious significance and is considered a place of evil and menace.

Of course, company 8 walked into a trap but it may be the white hoods that are getting more than they bargained for

.Fire Force ep19-8 (4) the witch theme may be a bit much

What About the Characters

This week concentrated more on the ladies of the 8 which I thought was a nice change but also a bit of a gimmick.

I have been purposefully ignoring one of the characters in my reviews because the entire conversation around that character is completely exhausting to me. In any case, for 80% of the episode, I thought to myself, huh, they might actually let this character have a bit of agency and accomplish a thing. That made me pretty happy. But no, I was wrong, moving on.We also got a chance to see Maki in action. Maki is the type of character that is an amalgamation of all my favourite tropes. Actually no, more like a character that features all the tropes I find the most attractive. Basically, a tailor-made fanservice character for me. The mix of efficiency, strength and vulnerability is just so gawsh darn huggable and it was on full display this week.

Nothing new really, but a nice reinforcement of the characters we already knew.

We did find out that most of the 8th is fairly superstitious except for Vulcan who was playing the one straight man this week. Unfortunately, we did not see how Victor was acting in the tunnels. I think that would have been interesting and they might show us next week.

Fire Force ep19-9 (7) I guess it could have been worse

What I Liked

Early in the episode, Shinra has a mildly sexy dream about sister and it weirds him out for a bit. I really liked it. First, for reasons I can’t even guess, the show opted to make the episode very innocent with little to no fanservice despite the perfect opportunity. Second, I think we’ve all been Shinra at some point. Getting a suggestive dream out of the blue about someone you know then the next time you see them it’s super odd for you. The animators translated it well.

Tamaki and sister make a good team. Probably the best use of that character in my opinion.

Of course, I’m always happy at more Maki and the fact that she just unapologetically kicked butt made it all the sweeter. I forget sometimes that Maki can hold her own against Arthur and Shinra at once!

Splitting everyone up in the tunnels is going to give everyone a chance to shine, if done right, the next episode or two could be really interesting.

Seeing Obi get all scared was a nice touch. Very out of character. It was a great way to show just how much influence the church has had on this society that it can even make a man like Obi scared of the dark!

Fire Force ep19-7 (6) I just noticed this guy has no eyebrows but eyebrow rings…

What I Liked Less

I still felt a little like filler. It might not be. maybe all these fights are going to be important down the line. But it introduced and dispatched a new villain and the obstacles just lined up one after the other in a way that I’m not sure will fit with the rest. We’ll see.

The show resorted to the same joke yet again and since it was never one I enjoyed much it fell flat, yet again.

On its own, it just felt like there was something missing this week but I don’t know what!

Closing Thoughts

Despite some rather pointed thoughts in my Things I Liked Less section, I did generally enjoy the episode. I think Fire Force is a show I would enjoy a lot more if I could binge it. If there were more episodes available, this one would definitely make me want to watch the next one right away. It’s a good set up.

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