Fire Force Episode 18 – Revisiting Old Friends


Ok this week is the week! This week is when I manage to stick to Karandi’s 100 word format…yeah….I don’t believe it either. I’m gonna try!

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What I Thought Would Happen

Ok, quickly… , I thought that company 8 would go snoopy in Fire Force headquarters for info on Company 5 and Hajima to find their connection to the evangelist…

Fire Force ep18-7 (4) even Maki’s skill is adorable

What Did Happen

Instead, company 8 called in their contacts from the other companies to figure out their next move. It seems they are very happy with their new recruits but the rookies lack combat training so they decide to ship off Shinra and Arthur back to Asakusa and Benimaru for a touch of combat training in preparation for the fight against the white hoods.
Also Viktor’s up to something and still meeting with Joker like old friends….

What About the Characters

Oh, man…I might make this happen!

Shinra was actually decently nice to Arthur this week. He seems to have mellowed a bit. And you would think finding out his long lost brother is part of the fearful enemy group they’ve been fighting would be a bit of a shock but Shinra is nothing if not resilient. I don’t know if it’s the fact that he’s still a kid and certain things may be simply washing over him, but he was very Zen about the situation. I like that. He’s calm and often mature but still allowed to be silly and underprepared at times. Fun!

Company 7 has also relaxed on the whole. Seeing them nit in the middle of a disaster was quite the change and it suits them.

Viktor continues to be the most fascinating character and I have no idea what his motivations could be. Neither does anyone else. Obi mentions that he’s done good by them, and he did save everyone last week. He is obviously connected to Joker although I’m still not sure why and he did call Sho “commander Sho” which leads me to believe he’s also somehow connected to the Evangelist. Yet even this week he’s happy to help Shinra get stronger without being asked. Interesting.

Fire Force ep18-6 (4) and creepy…interesting and creepy

What I Liked

I think I mentioned I was going to miss the 7 and Asukasa and it seems the creators of Fire Fore read it cause here we are! I’m very glad to be back.

I also like that they created a sort of palette cleanser episode between arcs to get the audience up to speed and all on the same page before we move on.

Vulcan’s integration into company 8 seems to be going smoothly and any narrative choice that’s going to let me see more of Maki being absolutely adorable if a big win in my book.

What I Liked Less

The opening scene was just a gag that fell flat for me so from my perspective, it was a wasted scene.I do wish I could have heard more of everyone’s theories about what the Evangelist is hoping to accomplish. Why did they want the key to Amaterasu? In fact, I would like to know a bit more about what Amaterasu does. It powers the city, sure but I think it may be more than that. From what I gathered, humans can’t actually survive anymore outside of the power grid. At least not easily. And the power grid seems to be mostly Amaterasu… It’s about time this aspect got fleshed out just a bit more.

Fire Force ep18-8 (2) Benimaru is always fun

Closing Thoughts

Ok, so 100 words was a long shot. I made it 6 times longer. Still, this is much more restrained than my usual posts so I’m counting it as a success. I wonder which format you guys prefer?

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