Fire Force Episode 14 – The King of Asakusa

I had fun with the Asakusa arc, did you? I hope you did. Company 7 is certainly an animated bunch…well all the characters are but you know what I mean… With the cooperation of companies 5 and 7 secured, and some trustworthy allies in company 1 even, it seems company 8 should now be ready to take on the Evangelists and whoever may be behind him.

But I do hope we get to see more of the 7. They were a fun bunch and we got very little development for them.We got pretty pictures and I’ve put way too many of them together in my gallery post as usual! Check it out here.

Fire Force ep14-4 (1) I’m not sure how to take this
What I Thought Would Happen
I thought that somehow they would figure out how to tell the doppelgangers apart and manage to round them up while Shinra and Arthur beat up the bad guys. But the said bad guys in question would manage to get away at the last minute with a burning desire for revenge. In the meantime of course, Benimaru would take care of all the infernals in his unique way and eventually stumble onto the white haired dud that does the body altering. He would be the only one of the main bad guys captured and arrested and out first solid trail on the evangelist.
 Then there would be a party!  

What Did Happen

As you can see, I had the entire episode pretty much written out in my head! I know there may be a few variations but I never would have guessed Benimaru would have advocated for unrestrained mass violence in the first few seconds. I can’t say why I liked this. Maybe because of the sheer weirdness of the situation. Company 7 and Asakusa in general, certainly are like noting else and this reaction proved it. It had such regional falvour.

Through this chaos, Benimaru actually managed to meet up with Shinra and Arthur and take over the infernal fight as his sense of duty to his town and his loyalty to Konro allowed for nothing else. Unfortunatly, that fire archer was still looming near by and when the fight became aria, she took the opportunity to try to take Beni out.

Shinra to the rescue, deflecting the arrow and helping Beni get down once everything was over.And the Party! Ok just one shared drink but hey, that’s better than nothing. Turns out Beni is a fun and cheap drunk too. I knew I liked this guy!

Fire Force ep14-7 (1) all good parties end this way

What About the Characters

Like I said, we get nothing more for the members of company 7 or company 8 for that matter of fact. Really the only character development I can see for this week’s Fire Force is for the town of Asakusa itself as the personality of the place really got to shine through.

At one point you see Benimaru standing above the city with the traditional Japanese style rooftops reflecting the many fires and off in the far distance you can see a modern skyline of glinting skyscrapers. The difference between the two really put everything into context. Asakusa is just different in so many ways but that’s what makes it charming and company 7 is a reflection of the unique personality.

I guess we also got a bit of a feel for that archer. Calm and almost a little doleful, she seemed to be an ideologue. The way she spoke about where Shinra “should” be and her lack of reaction at everything that was happening showed us a soldier on a mission for a greater goal. She isn’t completely uncaring and expressed sadness at the loss of her compatriot but she clearly has something she feels she must do. It’s not personal…

What I Liked

You can just assume I like the visuals. Generally speaking, the aesthetic of Fire Force is right up my alley so unless I mention otherwise it’s safe to say I thought it was pretty.

The pacing was just wonderful. I mean the editing was so tight that I was honestly tense during Benimaru’s fight. I knew he would win, that was obvious. Fire Force has been completely unwilling to kill its darlings so far and I have no reason to think this will ever change. Yet as I watched that arrow speed towards the company 7 chief I got so tense I bit through the pen I use to take notes and almost ended up with a mouthful of black ink. That’s impressive in my opinion.I like that even the pyrotechnic abilities of the members of company 7 are  inspired by classical Japanese culture.

Fire Force ep14-4 (1) cute!

What I Liked Less

I mention it in my gallery but the character models seem to get a bit wonky in distance shots. Because the visuals in Fire Force are one of the elements I enjoy the most, this is a big deal.

Even though I did truly enjoy the Asukasa arc, I’m beginning to find that this “company” of the week plot structure has gone on for a bit too long. I’m starting to get impatient about going back to the main story line and I’m worried it’s gotten jumbled with too many players introduced.

Once again, they gave Shinra a very cheesy Big Hero Moment. It’s a bit unsubtle for my tastes.

Closing Thoughts

I think one of Fire Force’s biggest weaknesses for me is how inconsistent it is for my tastes. I never know if I will find an episode exhilarating, grating, boring, super fun or just plain bad. Honestly anything goes and it’s hard to predict from one week to the next.

I like this week and that’s all I can say.

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Images from: Fire Force. Dir. Y Yase. David Production. 2019.


4 thoughts on “Fire Force Episode 14 – The King of Asakusa

  1. I agree that Fire Force is wildly inconsistent. But this was my favourite arc so far. Asakusa is an awesome town, including all the villagers.

    A couple of episodes ago, when the Evangelist’s followers were trying to spread chaos so that only Sol can give them hope, I reacted in two ways: (a) I admire your strategy, and (b) boy, do you have the wrong town. It’s almost as of this was the age old clash between law and chaos. The twins being fire foxes (name of the browser I watched this show in – heh) sort of makes them the perfect mascots for the town. Tricksters love to spread chaos; it’s their element. Win some, lose some. Burn it all down, build it right back up again.

    But despite that all, I couldn’t have predicted Benimaru’s orders. But it’s perfect. It’s just so in tune with the place. It’s also the sort of thing that the ideological blinders of fanatics filter out. They won’t be able to understand that, though they might be able to predict this sort of thing if it happens enough. That really was a clash of ideologies.

    If there’s one thing I was missing, I’d have loved to see more of the other people in company 8. But I really enjoyed this arc.

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