Fire Force Episode 12 – Called It

Fire Force is back, and I am too. I read that a lot of bloggers dropped this show recently. Too bad, last episode was one of the best ones and this week…well I guess you’ll have to read on to find out!

If you prefer to just find out what it looked like, then you can simply hop on over to my Fire Force gallery over on my blog, right over here.Fire Force ep12-1 (5) Shinra is going full superman

What I Thought Would Happen

Ok, so Fire Force skipped a week and I got a little fuzzy. I only had a vague outline in mind. I did think we were done with company 7 for now. Last week was a great introduction and I figured we would put them to the side for a while and they would pop back up later in the story.

With that in mind, it means that company 8 would have to go back to home turf. Possibly with some new clues gathered from this last infernal incident that they could share with my Hibana while they made plans for their next move.

One random element I really figured they would have integrated is random, cryptic and extremely short glimpses of Sho doing his thing with the Evangelist. Not enough for us to actually learn anything but now that they’ve revealed his appearance, I figured they would want us to keep him fresh in mind. Seems like the biggest source of potential conflict for the season.

What Did Happen

I’m usually decent at figuring out where Fire Force is going but I was way off this time (well sort of). Turns out the company 7 presence is really far from over and the entire episode was once again spent in Asakusa.Company 8 decided to stick around and actually help with the reconstructions efforts. I appreciate that they acknowledged the fallout of all that collateral damage. And the fact that they already seem to have a well established procedure for these types of situations with alternate shelter all lined up for the folks that lost their homes was a nice touch. Shows you that the district really does go through this a lot.Unfortunately, just as Benimaru was warming up to company 8 and considering joining forces, the Evangelist decided to meddle, tricking him into believing that company 8 was responsible for the infernal incident. The company 7 chief reacted as expected, lashing out against the intruders and almost injuring them but Koro managed to cool him down last minute.The episode ends in the middle of a flashback recounting and incident that has changed the lives of both Koro and Benimaru.

Fire Force ep12-4 (6) I’m surprised too

What About the Characters

Benimaru is a stoic kuudere archetype so getting to know him is tricky. I have a feeling that the flashback of the next episode will help with that. Although we do have a pretty good idea of what type of guy he is. An introverted idealist whose uncomfortable with the sport light and will do anything to protect the people he cares about. Pretty much your basic straightforward shonen good guy.I do like him. It may have to do with the grumpy attitude and the character design. He reminds me of a certain purple-haired basketball player I have a soft spot for.Company 7 seems quite small. Aside from Benimaru, there’s Koro and the twins. The twins may actually be children and they don’t do much aside from chime in from time to time. Kind of more decorative so far. But they sure are cute. Those are great designs.As such, the one with the most potential is Koro by process of elimination. He also appears to be the calm wise good guy archetype but there may be a bit more than meets the eye there. That younger guy who pushed a friend clear through a wall to “protect” him has a story to tell.It’s also possible that company 7 will end up to be exactly what they seem. And I’m o.k. with that. It uncomplicated but there’s enough going on. And I would just like to say that I called it, The very first second I saw Benimaru and Koro a few episodes ago, I figured they would be perfect for allies. And I am certain they will be. The misunderstanding is for sure getting cleared up!

Fire Force ep14-6 (3) cause he’s that type of guy

What I Liked

I like company 7. I just do. We kept meeting over the top weirdos and supervillain types. I was ready for some classic heroes and that’s what these guys are. They’re also not load and appropriately dressed. Admittedly my standards for shonen characters may have taken a bit of a tumble lately. I’m not being fair. Benimaru and Koro may be one-note characters but that doesn’t make them bad. They are some of the best straight men foils that Fire Force has and we desperately needed some of those.

Both the look and ambience of Asakusa is great. It’s like Fire Force bothered to create a self-contained mini-universe within the greater reality of the series. The fact that they have such different traditions and attitudes towards infernals is just an impressive bit of world building.

The series is just so pretty. I had forgotten how great it looks and was impressed all over again.

What I Liked Less

The “misunderstanding” felt a bit too easy and contrived. It was the main conflict of the episode and the catalyst for all; the action so everything that stemmed from it felt unearned to me.I really like the twins in design and just nuttiness but I don’t understand what their role is. Why are they there and why are they in the narrative? No clue. Still, like them. Weird.I was hoping they would stretch out the company 7 arc more. As in they would leave it for a while then get back to it later. It’s starting to feel like company of the week.Not enough company 8. This isn’t a real complaint but I just like Maki, Arthur, Hinawa and co. Also if Hibana is going to be in the episode, she needs way more close ups.

Fire Force ep14-6 (1) whoa

Closing Thoughts

I don’t think this was quite as amazing as the last episode we saw but I was also surprised by how quickly it flew by so I must have enjoyed it on some level. In any case, I really want to see the second half of this episode so it did its job.

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  1. I really like this arc, but at the same time I didn’t even notice that the show took a break. I wonder how long it would take me to notice if the show got cancelled? It’s a pleasant watch, and I like the characters, but it doesn’t seem like I’d miss the show much, which is… odd.

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